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MKTG, 2nd Edition

  • Charles W. Lamb
  • Joe F. Hair
  • Carl McDaniel
  • Harish Kapoor
  • Richard Appleby
  • Janice Shearer
  • ISBN-10: 0176503692
  • ISBN-13: 9780176503697
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2010, 2010
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

The number one–selling Principles of Marketing text is back in a new edition. In use at more than 30 universities and colleges across Canada, MKTG has lead the way in student engagement. Building on that success and informed with feedback from students and faculty, MKTG2 will reach new heights for engagement, currency, accessibility, and value. The hallmark design of the text has been refined based on student feedback to make the text even more engaging and to provide a foundation in the concepts of marketing that students will actually read. MKTG2 is organized in a new way to give the text a more logical progression and the examples and cases throughout the text have been thoroughly updated with increased emphasis on Canadian business. A CourseMate site now accompanies MKTG2 to offer students an even more enhanced online experience with their course and to offer instructors a more intuitive platform to track student progress and activity. Created using a “student-driven, faculty-approved” review process with students and faculty, MKTG2 is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today’s learners at a value-based price.


  • Engaging layout. The hallmark of MKTG is visually engaging design implemented with pedagogic sensibilities. Photos and graphics help the text come alive for visual learners and enrich the presentation of the material. Headers are easy to follow, allowing students to identify quickly the main concepts in the chapter and how they relate to each other.

  • "Chapter in Review" card for each Student Edition chapter. Twenty individual, detachable cards each contain all the pertinent review information from the corresponding chapter. Terms, definitions, section summaries, and important diagrams are all on one card for students to use as prompts as they study for the course. The first card shows students how to integrate the card into a well-rounded, layered study program.

  • CourseMate. CourseMate provides students with access to an interactive ebook and study tools in a dynamic, online learning environment. Instructors have access to all of the reporting tools needed to track student engagement. CourseMate comes automatically with a new copy of this textbook.

About the Author

Charles W. Lamb

Charles W. Lamb, Jr., served as chair of the department of marketing at the M. J. Neeley School of Business from 1982 to 1988 and again from 1997 to 2003. He also served as chair of the Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management and is a former president of the Academy of Marketing Science and the Southwestern Marketing Association. Lamb has authored or co-authored more than a 30 books and anthologies on marketing topics and over 150 articles that have appeared in academic journals and conference proceedings. In 1997, he was awarded the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity at TCU. This is the highest honor that the university bestows on its faculty. Other key honors he has received include the M. J. Neeley School of Business Research Award and selection as a Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science and Fellow of the Southwestern Marketing Association.

Joe F. Hair

Joseph Hair is Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Director of the Ph.D. in Business Administration Program at University of South Alabama. Immediately prior to joining the University of South Alabama Joe was the Founder and Director of the Kennesaw State University DBA program. He previously held the Alvin C. Copeland Endowed Chair of Franchising and was Director, Entrepreneurship Institute, Louisiana State University. Hair also held the Phil B. Hardin Chair of Marketing at the University of Mississippi. He has taught graduate and undergraduate marketing, sales management, and marketing research courses. Hair has authored more than 40 books and more than 80 articles in scholarly journals. He has also participated on many university committees and has chaired numerous departmental task forces. He serves on the editorial review boards of several journals. He is a member of the Academy of Marketing Science, American Marketing Association, Society for Marketing Advances, and Association for Marketing and Healthcare Research. He was selected as the 2011 AMS CUTCO/VECTOR Distinguished Marketing Educator, as the 2007 Innovative Marketer of the Year by the Marketing Management Association, and was the 2004 recipient of the Academy of Marketing Science Excellence in Teaching Award. Hair holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in marketing, and a doctorate in marketing, all from the University of Florida. He also serves as a marketing consultant to businesses in a variety of industries ranging from food and retail to financial services, health care, electronics, and the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Interior.

Carl McDaniel

Carl McDaniel is professor emeritus at the University of Texas–Arlington. He was the chairman of the marketing department at UTA for 32 years. McDaniel’s career spanned more than 40 years, during which he was the recipient of several awards for outstanding teaching. McDaniel has also been a district sales manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and served as a board member of the North Texas Higher Education Authority, a billion-dollar financial institution. In addition to MKTG, McDaniel has written and co-authored over 90 textbooks in marketing and business. McDaniel’s research has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and California Management Review. McDaniel is a member of the American Marketing Association. In addition to his academic experience, McDaniel has business experience as the co-owner of a marketing research firm. McDaniel has also served as senior consultant to the International Trade Centre (ITC), Geneva, Switzerland. The ITC’s mission is to help developing nations increase their exports. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas and his master’s degree and doctorate from Arizona State University.

Harish Kapoor

Harish Kapoor is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Fred C. Manning School of Business, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He holds an MBA from India and an MMS, PhD (Marketing), from Carleton University. He has presented and published his research in leading conference proceedings in Canada, US, Asia, and Europe such as,Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC), European Marketing Academy, Association for Consumer Research (Asia-Pacific), American Marketing Association, Society for Marketing Advancements, and the Journal of Hospital Marketing. Kapoor was a winner of the best paper award in marketing division, ASAC 2005. His professional experience includes management consulting, marketing research, and product management positions at leading business organizations in Canada, India, and the USA. Also, he has taught various marketing courses at Carleton University, Florida Atlantic University, New Mexico State University, and as a guest lecturer at IMT, Ghaziabad, India.

Richard Appleby

Rick holds a B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA and FICB designation. Rick has been actively involved in several small businesses as either owner or major shareholder/owner in which he was the key person responsible for the marketing and customer relations management [both B2C and B2B] of the companies for over 25 years. Roles involved the areas of professional sales, promotional materials development and design, campaign strategy, planning and execution, training, and B2B customer services management. Early demand in the 1990’s in the Okanagan for area professional research services lead Rick into establishing R. Appleby and Associates to serve the needs of the community both business, associations, and various levels of government. This also aided in facilitating the employment of business and other university/college students seeking to further their interests and understanding of Marketing Research. Rick is currently heading up a new venture team on development of a corporation focused upon an alternative green energy source. Rick was hired as a major change-agent as to the new role marketing was to take during the reorganization of the Bank of Montreal into three corporate divisions in Canada in the mid 1980’s. As Manager of Management and Marketing Training for Western Canada, Rick took on the role of planning and developing the marketing knowledge and skills of senior managers with in the Western Region for areas such as Professional Selling, Marketing, and Senior Management Development. In addition, being the sole person licensed for specific marketing and management training programs, he also had a major role involving some key management skill & knowledge areas in such as Negotiations, and Problem Solving and Decision Making throughout the corporation.

Janice Shearer

Janice Shearer was a faculty member in the School of Business at Mohawk College for over 25 years. Her teaching interests included promotion, introductory marketing and marketing management. There, she was a coordinator in the business administration program and most recently the coordinator of the financial services program. She was a member of the Mohawk College Council and co-chair of the 2009 Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition. Shearer is an award winning professor, having won the Mohawk College Student Association Faculty Award for Business and the President’s Award for Excellence. While on sabbatical from Mohawk College in early 2000, Shearer worked in the advertising industry and, in 2010, completed a sabbatical working for an international organization in the nonprofit sector. Shearer is currently on an extended break from teaching, raising money and awareness for a new research facility at McMaster University. As an instructor, she has reviewed and contributed to a number of textbooks in introductory marketing, promotion and advertising for various publishers. Shearer has sat on a number of nonprofit boards, providing strategic planning and marketing/promotion assistance, particularly in the area of fundraising. She has completed 13 marathons and hopes to complete one more before hanging up her shoes from long-distance running for good.

Table of Contents

Part One: Marketing—Let’s Get Started
Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing.
Chapter 2: The Marketing Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics
Chapter 3: Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage

Part Two: Analyzing Marketing Opportunities
Chapter 4: Market Research and Decision Support
Chapter 5: Consumer Decision Making
Chapter 6: Business Marketing
Chapter 7: Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
Chapter 8: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Part Three: Product Decisions
Chapter 9: Product Concepts
Chapter 10: Developing and Managing Products
Chapter 11: Services and Nonprofit Organization Marketing

Part Four: Distribution Decisions
Chapter 12: Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 13: Retailing

Part Five: Promotion Decisions
Chapter 14: Integrated Marketing Communication
Chapter 15: Advertising, Public Relations, and Direct Response
Chapter 16: Social Media and Marketing
Chapter 17: Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

Part Six: Pricing Decisions
Chapter 18: Pricing Concepts
Chapter 19: Setting the Right Price

Part Seven: Global Marketing
Chapter 20: Developing a Global Vision

New to this edition

  • New Organization: The chapter entitled “The Marketing Environment” has been moved ahead of “Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage” so that students understand the marketing environment before applying to their strategic plans; “Customer Relationship Management” has been included in “Analyzing Marketing Opportunities” to reflect the role that CRM plays in segmenting and targeting a market; “Social Media and Marketing” is a new chapter in Part 5: “Promotion Decisions” that reflects the increasing impact new media are having on business today; and finally, “Developing a Global Vision” has been moved to the end of the text to reflect the reality of the business environment of today’s students.
  • Social Media: We have a new chapter in Part 5: “Promotion Decisions” to offer a focal point for this increasingly important marketing channel, but its coverage is not limited to this chapter. Examples and cases throughout the text refer to social media as they apply to other marketing concepts as well.
  • Increased attention to government and not-for-profit agencies: More specific examples from agencies such as Canadian Blood Services and Ronald McDonald House will make this section more approachable to students.
  • Increased Canadian content.
  • New layout and design, as requested in student feedback: This hallmark feature was revitalized for this edition to make the visually appealing and engaging layout more pedagogically beneficial.
  • CourseMate: MKTG2 now comes with CourseMate, which offers students an even more enhanced online experience with their course. CourseMate also offers instructors a more intuitive platform to track student progress and activity.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

CourseMate 12-months Instant Access for Lamb, MKTG, Second Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 017664704X | ISBN-13: 9780176647049)
CourseMate 12-months Printed Access Card for Lamb, MKTG, Second Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176647066 | ISBN-13: 9780176647063)
Instructors' Resource CD for MKTG  (ISBN-10: 0176616659 | ISBN-13: 9780176616656)
DVD to accompany MKTG  (ISBN-10: 0176655425 | ISBN-13: 9780176655426)

Student Supplements

CourseMate 12-months Instant Access for Lamb, MKTG, Second Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 017664704X | ISBN-13: 9780176647049)
CourseMate 12-months Printed Access Card for Lamb, MKTG, Second Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176647066 | ISBN-13: 9780176647063)