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MindTap Psychology, 1 term (6 months) Instant Access, 3rd Edition

  • Ellen E. Pastorino
  • Susann M. Doyle-Portillo
  • ISBN-10: 1133353738
  • ISBN-13: 9781133353737
  • 1 Pages | Mixed Media
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

MindTap for Psychology is a personalized, fully online digital learning platform of authoritative content, assignments, and services that engages your students with interactivity while also offering you choice in the configuration of coursework and enhancement of the curriculum via web-apps known as MindApps. MindApps range from ReadSpeaker (which reads the text out-loud to students), to Kaltura (allowing you to insert inline video and audio into your curriculum) to ConnectYard (allowing you to create digital “yards” through social media –all without “friending” your students). MindTap for Psychology is well beyond an eBook, a homework solution or digital supplement, a resource center website, a course delivery platform or a Learning Management System. It is the first in a new category—the Personal Learning Experience. Praised for fostering students' curiosity, WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? extends a successful and engaging approach to teaching the introductory psychology course. When students are curious they are motivated to explore and truly learn how psychological concepts are connected. WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? unlocks students' curiosity by capturing their interest and motivating them to make connections between memorable personal stories, applications to their own lives, and psychological concepts that they will use and retain in and out of the classroom.


  • Seamlessly delivery appropriate content and technology assets from a number of providers to students, as they need them.

  • Break course content down into movable objects to promote personalization, encourage interactivity and ensure student engagement.

  • Customize the course – from tools to text – and make adjustments ‘on the fly,’ making it possible to intertwine breaking news into their lessons and incorporate today’s teachable moments.

  • Bring interactivity into learning through the integration of multimedia assets (apps from Cengage Learning and other providers), numerous in-context exercises and supplements; student engagement will increase leading to better student outcomes.

  • Track students’ use, activities and comprehension in real-time, which provides opportunities for early intervention to influence progress and outcomes. Grades are visible and archived so students and instructors always have access to current standings in the class.

  • Assess knowledge throughout each section: after readings, in activities, homework, and quizzes.

  • Automatically grade of all homework and quizzes.

About the Author

Ellen E. Pastorino

Ellen E. Pastorino (Ph.D., School Psychology, Florida State University) is a developmental psychologist who teaches psychology classes at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Pastorino has won numerous teaching awards, including the University of Georgia's Board of Regents Distinguished Professor, the NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award and Valencia's Teaching and Learning Excellence Award. In addition to this popular text, Dr. Pastorino has authored test banks, instructor manuals and student study guides. She has also has published her research in the Journal of Adolescent Research and Adolescence. While working as a consultant for IBM Corporation, Dr. Pastorino developed extensive educational materials for teachers and students. However, her main passion has always been to get students excited about the field of psychology.

Susann M. Doyle-Portillo

Susann M. Doyle-Portillo (Ph.D., Social Cognition, University of Oklahoma) is department head and professor of psychological science at the University of North Georgia. Dr. Doyle-Portillo also holds bachelor's degrees in engineering and psychology. She has published articles in journals such as Social Cognition, Contemporary Social Psychology, the American Journal of Health Education and Personality & Individual Differences. However, the primary focus of her career remains in teaching. During her tenure at University of North Georgia, Dr. Doyle-Portillo has twice been listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. In addition to her teaching and research activities, she has mentored many undergraduate researchers. In addition to co-authoring this text, she has authored several test banks, instructor manuals and student study guides.