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MGMT, 3rd Edition

  • with Printed Access Card (6-Months) for MindTap
  • Chuck Williams
  • Terri Champion
  • Ike Hall
  • ISBN-10: 017682328X
  • ISBN-13: 9780176823283
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  • Previous Editions: 2015
  • COPYRIGHT: 2018 Published
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About the Product

Created through a “student-tested, faculty-approved” review process, MGMT’s Third Canadian Edition is designed to provide students with little-to-no management experience to “think like managers.” The Third Canadian Edition offers comprehensive coverage of key contemporary management topics such as ethics and social responsibility, innovation and change, and global management. Paired with MindTap, MGMT’s engaging and accessible layout and assets accommodate the diverse needs of today’s learners while refining their interpersonal, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for their roles as future leaders.


  • The visually engaging layout and design coupled with photos and graphics help the text come alive for learners and enrich the presentation of the material. Students can easily follow along and quickly identify the main concepts in the chapter and understand how each relate to one another.

  • Fact boxes deliver quick and interesting examples that encourage students to go beyond the text to deepen their levels of understanding through website links and statistics. They tie concepts to real-life allowing content students are learning to remain relevant.

  • Trend boxes highlight growing trends in the areas of management that is applicable to content in the chapter.

  • By the Numbers highlights interesting and important figures at the end of each chapter for students to master.

  • Chapter in Review Cards are provided for each chapter and contain fundamental review information from each corresponding chapter. Terms, definitions, section summaries, and key diagrams are available on one card for students to use as effective study tools. The first Chapter in Review card provides students with best practices in integrating the cards into a well-rounded and skill-building study program.

  • Following each chapter, students are provided with a 20-question Quiz in MindTap to check their comprehension of the content learned before moving forward.


The interactive fields are by far the greatest strength for the MindTap resource. I would absolutely recommend this tool to any student who wanted to excel. The MindTap is very organized, and logically presented, which allows critical concepts to be highlighted. This makes learning much easier as students aren’t ‘confused’ or lead astray by less important topics. I am a huge fan of digital resources. Any app that allows a student to browse in-class concepts on their cellphone on the bus on the way home is a fantastic tool. Filling out self-assessments that are automatically graded is so much more interesting than just reading a paper text. MindTap is an incredibly effective and engaging resource. It presents topics in a clear, straightforward way, provides instant feedback, and truly helps direct learning.
— Dr. Chris Roubecas

About the Author

Chuck Williams

Dr. Chuck Williams is a Professor of Management in the Andre B. Lacy School of Business, formerly known as the College of Business, at Butler University. Dr. Williams previously served as Dean of the College of Business at Butler University, Dean of Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific, and Associate Professor of Management at the M.J. Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. Dr. Williams has also served as Associate Dean and Chair of Management and has taught at Michigan State University and Oklahoma State University. Dr. Williams received his BA in psychology from Valparaiso University. He specialized in organizational behavior, human resources, and strategic management while earning his MBA and PhD in business administration from Michigan State University. His research interests include employee recruitment and turnover, performance appraisal, and employee training and goal setting. Dr. Williams has published research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Academy of Management, Human Resource Management Review, Personnel Psychology, and the Organizational Research Methods Journal. He was a member of the Journal of Management’s editorial board and currently serves as a reviewer for numerous other academic journals. He was also webmaster for the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.

Terri Champion

Terri Champion is a Professor of Marketing and Management in the School of Business at Niagara College where she teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Strategic Management. She is the coordinator of the Sales and Marketing Program at Niagara College and a researcher and industry liaison for Niagara Research, specializing in applied research, innovation, and commercialization initiatives to improve the productivity and competitiveness of local SMEs. In addition, Professor Champion also coaches marketing students competing in provincial, national, and international business competitions. She holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration—Marketing and a Bachelor of Education Degree with a Business specialty from Brock University. Her teaching and research interests lie in marketing management, entrepreneurship, retailing, and consumer behaviour. Professor Champion’s professional background includes positions in sales and marketing, small business consulting, new venture development training, and consumer research. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association, the Retail Council of Canada, and the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition committee.

Ike Hall

Dr. Ike Hall is a Professor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Dr. Hall has been the Program Head for several of the major programs in the School of Business, including the Business Management Diploma, the Post Diploma, the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, as well at the BBA Degree. Dr. Hall received his Engineering Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, and after retiring his commission from the Army he completed his MBA at the John Ivey School of Business. He worked as an Engineer in many different facets in Winnipeg, before moving to Vancouver where he completed his MSc at UBC. Dr. Hall worked as a Consultant, Assistant Vice President at University Hospital, and Vice President of Finance at another institution before he moved to the British Columbia Institute of Technology full time.

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to Management
Chapter 1: Management
Chapter 2: Organizational Environments and Cultures
Chapter 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility

Part Two: Planning
Chapter 4: Planning and Decision Making
Chapter 5: Organizational Strategy
Chapter 6: Innovation and Change
Chapter 7: Global Management

Part Three: Organizing
Chapter 8: Designing Adaptive Organizations
Chapter 9: Leading Teams
Chapter 10: Managing Human Resource Systems
Chapter 11: Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce

Part Four: Leading
Chapter 12: Motivation
Chapter 13: Leadership
Chapter 14: Managing Communication

Part Five: Controlling
Chapter 15: Control
Chapter 16: Managing Information in a Global World
Chapter 17: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
Chapter 18: Online Chapter: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
Student/Instructor Review Cards

New to this edition

  • MindTap is a digital learning solution that helps engage today’s students and transform them into critical thinkers. MindTap’s high-quality learning materials encourage the mastery of core concepts and the overall development of soft skills through Blooms Revised Taxonomy so students continue to build upon previously learned skills as they work through each asset. These materials and assets live within a clear, easily customizable learning path that takes your students from basic memorization to higher-level thinking to help students “think like managers.”
  • Our new partnership with Pathbrite empowers each student to showcase their knowledge, experience, and accomplishments by dragging digital media into their ePortfolios. Through the Pathbrite App in MindTap, students continue to think like managers and connect course work to their careers.
  • The Chapter Opening Interviews are conducted with management professionals working in the field. Found in both the text and MindTap, these interviews engage students and bring the chapter content to life through real world examples.
  • Opening each chapter in MindTap, Whiteboard Animations serve as engaging mini-lectures to introduce students to the chapter content.
  • The MindTap Concept Maps are a visual representation of the chapter learning objectives in flow chat form. This is ideal for students who wish to have a brief overview of the chapter.
  • You Make the Decision are scenario-based questions that have students thinking like managers. Found in MindTap, students complete decision-making activities to practice and refine their decision-making and critical thinking skills.
  • Robust Case Studies offer a three-part assignment for students to make connections with concepts. Located in MindTap, students work through the case, case connection, and assignment to understand how everything links together and ensure they’ve assimilated the material.
  • Management Decision scenario-based cases include two short reflection and application questions each that are manually graded. Students are placed in the shoes of a manager to put their newly learned skills into practice. Located in MindTap, these scenario-based cases can also be used as part of a learning portfolio in Pathbrite.
  • This edition includes Chapter 18 Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations moving online as well as updated content on digital communication and currency, focusing on areas of business technology.
  • MindTap was developed to help engage students in their introductory management course and provide them with a deeper understanding of course concepts. Through the You Make the Decision scenarios, Case Studies, Quizzes, and Management Decisions, students will have the opportunity to refine their critical thinking skills and put concepts into practice while drawing connections to real-world scenarios.


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Instructor Supplements

MindTap Instant Access (6 Months) for MGMT, Third Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176797076 | ISBN-13: 9780176797072)
MindTap Instant Access (12 Months/Multi Term) for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176797084 | ISBN-13: 9780176797089)
MindTap Instant Access (24 Months) for MGMT, Third Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176797092 | ISBN-13: 9780176797096)
MGMT with Printed Access Card (12 months) for MindTap  (ISBN-10: 0176823301 | ISBN-13: 9780176823306)

Student Supplements

MindTap Instant Access (6 Months) for MGMT, Third Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176797076 | ISBN-13: 9780176797072)
MindTap Instant Access (12 Months/Multi Term) for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176797084 | ISBN-13: 9780176797089)
MindTap Instant Access (24 Months) for MGMT, Third Canadian Edition  (ISBN-10: 0176797092 | ISBN-13: 9780176797096)
MGMT with Printed Access Card (12 months) for MindTap  (ISBN-10: 0176823301 | ISBN-13: 9780176823306)