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MindTapV2.0 for Verderber/Sellnow/Verderber's SPEAK, 1 term Instant Access, 4th Edition

  • Kathleen S. Verderber
  • Deanna Sellnow
  • Rudolph F. Verderber
  • ISBN-10: 0357122453
  • ISBN-13: 9780357122457
  • Mixed Media
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

MindTapV2.0 for Verderber/Sellnow/Verderber's SPEAK, 4th Edition is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course--to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap. MindTap: Powered by You. MindTap gives you complete ownership of your content and learning experience. Customize the interactive syllabi, emphasize the most important topics and add your own material or notes in the ebook. MindTap’s Observe, Prepare, Practice, and Present structures every chapter, beginning with low-stakes activities that build over the course so students may demonstrate their knowledge and skill in high-stakes performances of informative and persuasive speech presentations. "Observe" activities ask students to watch a speech from the Speech Video Library and answer auto-graded questions. "Prepare" activities guide students through topic generation, research, organizing and citing their research, and ultimately generating a complete outline of their speech, including note cards, using MindTap’s Outline Builder tool. Frequent, low-stakes "Practice" activities ask students to provide an impromptu video response to an ethical question that emphasizes chapter concepts and promotes civic engagement. "Present" activities ask students to record their own video speech demonstrating their knowledge of chapter concepts, to share with their peers and instructor. Pre-built rubrics auto-sum student work for easy instructor grading.


“MindTap is the first digital product that seems to be making a difference in student learning... For the first time in my career students came into my office and thanked me for choosing a product. They were far more engaged with the text and the course material.”
— Carey Roberts, Instructor, Arkansas Tech University

About the Author

Kathleen S. Verderber

Kathleen S. Verderber is Associate Professor of Management Emeritus at Northern Kentucky University. She holds an MA in Speech Communication as well as an MBA and a PhD in organizational behavior from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Verderber has consulted with various civic, professional, and business organizations. She has published numerous articles in several journals and has presented papers at communication and management conferences. She is a coauthor of COMMUNICATE! THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING IN A DIGITAL AGE, COMM, and SPEAK all with Cengage Learning, and author of INTER-ACT: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION, CONCEPTS, SKILLS, AND CONTEXTS with Oxford University Press.

Deanna Sellnow

Deanna D. Sellnow, Ph.D., is a Professor of Strategic Communication and Assistant Director in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida, where she also is chair of the Department of Communication and conducts faculty development workshops on instructional communication pedagogy. Her research focuses on the rhetoric of popular culture, particularly music as communication, and instructional communication as it occurs in conventional and nonconventional classrooms, as well as in risk and crisis contexts. Published in regional, national and international journals, Dr. Sellnow is editor of the JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION and co-author of COMMUNICATE!, COMM, SPEAK and THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, all with Cengage.

Rudolph F. Verderber

Rudolph F. Verderber is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Communication Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati and former National Speaker's Association Professor of the Year -- as well as one of the all-time bestselling communication studies authors. The strength of his basic texts lies in his ability to explain and exemplify concepts, theories and skills to introductory level students. His Cengage texts -- COMMUNICATE!, THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, COMM, and SPEAK -- have a reputation for being student favorites due to their accessible presentation of theory and skills.

Table of Contents

1. Foundations of Public Speaking.
2. Managing Speech Anxiety.
3. Listening and Responding.
4. Determining an Appropriate Speech Goal.
5. Adapting to Audiences.
6. Topic Development.
7. Organizing the Speech Body.
8. The Introduction and Conclusion.
9. Presentational Aids.
10. Language and Oral Style.
11. Delivery.
12. Informative Speaking.
13. Persuasive Messages.
14. Persuasive Speaking.
15. Ceremonial Speaking.
16. Group Communication and Presentations.

New to this edition

  • New "Observe" activities ask students to watch a speech from the Speech Video Library and answer auto-graded questions to gain insights into public speaking performances and apply chapter concepts. Instructors may also customize this Observe activity so students watch the same Speech Video but reply to open-ended questions, ensuring that instructors create their course in ways that work best for them.
  • New "Prepare" activities guide students through the steps of topic generation, research, organizing and citing their research. MindTap’s Outline Builder tool folds this entire process together, resulting in a complete outline of their speech, including note cards. Each Prepare activity has been updated to reflect chapter concepts and instructors may customize the Outline Builder tool to precisely emphasize their chapter and course needs.
  • New "Practice" activities either provide an ethical prompt to which students record an impromptu video response or ask students to practice their formal informative, persuasive, or ceremonial speech of group presention. These updated impromptu Practice activities emphasize chapter concepts and promote civic engagement.
  • New "Present" activities provide students with a prompt requesting them to video record their speech demonstrating their knowledge of chapter concepts, to share with their peers and instructor. These new Present activities are coupled with the existing Present activities in which students present their formal and final speeches in front of their class for real-time feedback. Pre-built rubrics auto-sum student work for easy instructor grading.
  • New “Additional Resources” folder includes downloadable/editable documents for Building Community in Your Class, two Communication Self-Awareness surveys (the Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety and the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension), the Speech Confidence Series (a micro-learning one-minute video speech training tool accompanied by auto-graded quiz questions),and 21 essential readings and 12 videos on the fundamentals of Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing.