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Programming with Mobile Applications: Android™, iOS, and Windows® Phone 7, 1st Edition

  • Thomas J. Duffy
  • ISBN-10: 1133628133
  • ISBN-13: 9781133628132
  • 416 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

Teach your students how to create native apps across platforms and Web apps for today's most popular smartphone platforms with Duffy's PROGRAMMING WITH MOBILE APPLICATIONS: ANDROID™, iOS, AND WINDOWS® PHONE 7. This unique, hands-on tutorial approach combines a clear presentation with numerous screenshots and step-by-step instructions to guide students in developing applications for Google™ Android™, Apple® iOS, and Windows® Phone 7. Readers need only one previous semester of programming language instruction for success with this mobile applications book. Students learn to create native and Web apps for each platform. As readers develop identical apps for each platform, they can compare platforms to determine which they prefer. The book's complete coverage ranges from platform architecture to native app life cycle management with an emphasis on fundamental programming concepts, including optimization and object-oriented design, where appropriate. The book's modular approach offers the flexibility to present up-to-date content in a way that best supports your needs. Thought-provoking assignments and author-written supplements further support the presentation. PROGRAMMING MOBILE APPLICATIONS: ANDROID™, iOS, AND WINDOWS® PHONE 7's unique coverage of multiple platforms emphasizes the portability of apps that students create and encourages a deeper understanding of programming principles to benefit students throughout their careers.


  • UNIQUE APPROACH TEACHES HOW TO CREATE NATIVE APPS FOR THREE MAJOR SMARTPHONE PLATFORMS. This is the only book that demonstrates how to create native apps for today's three most popular smartphone platforms—Android™, iOS, and Windows® Phone 7. Students learn to create native apps across platforms and Web apps, using Web technologies for each platform. Complete coverage of each platform ranges from platform architecture to native app life cycle management.

  • UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE ADDRESSES FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS. The book's captivating presentation of fundamental concepts in the context of smartphone apps instantly engages today's students. Thorough, expert content helps you prepare students for contemporary challenges and addresses topics such as optimization and object-oriented programming, where appropriate.

  • MODULAR APPROACH ALLOWS MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY IN INSTRUCTION. All programming concepts presented in the book are language neutral. Each platform chapter can stand alone to give you the flexibility to tailor the book's material to your specific class needs.

  • WELL-ORGANIZED PRESENTATION ALLOWS CLEAR PLATFORM COMPARISONS. Students learn how to acquire and install software for each platform. They develop identical apps for each platform, which reinforces concepts and allows them to compare the different development processes. This comparison helps students select the best platform for their focus.

  • HANDS-ON, TUTORIAL-BASED INSTRUCTION OFFERS STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE WITH HELPFUL SCREENSHOTS. The book's tutorial-based instruction incorporates clear step-by-step guidance and screenshots to show students how to create apps efficiently.

  • THOUGHT-PROVOKING DISCUSSION TOPICS ENCOURAGE CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF TODAY'S ISSUES. Students learn to analyze app development and today's best practices by answering challenging discussion questions.


"The pedagogical structure is much more concise than other books I have used for other classes. The author is straightforward, precise, and concise in describing what will and will not be covered."
— Barbara Myers, Dakota State University

About the Author

Thomas J. Duffy

Professor Tom Duffy currently serves as Chair of the Computer Science Department and Program Coordinator for the computer science degree program at Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut. He teaches popular courses on Web technologies, Java, and mobile device programming. Professor Duffy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Western Connecticut State University. In addition to his teaching, he owns and manages Bright Moments Software, a software development company that specializes in today's most effective Web technologies and design solutions. In addition to this book, Professor Duffy has written a successful book on JavaScript and numerous professional articles.

Table of Contents

1. The Computer of the Future Is in Your Hand.
2. Developing for Small Devices.
3. Best Practices for Small Device Programming.
4. Google Android: App Inventor.
5. Google Android: Motorola MOTODEV Studio.
6. Apple iOS.
7. Microsoft Windows Phone 7.
8. Web Applications.
9. Cross-Platform Development with PhoneGap.
Appendix A: Installation and Setup.