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Linux Operations and Administration, 1st Edition

  • Alfred Basta
  • Dustin A. Finamore
  • Nadine Basta
  • Serge Palladino
  • ISBN-10: 111103530X
  • ISBN-13: 9781111035303
  • 469 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

LINUX OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION introduces readers to Linux operations and system administration through a unified installation, using virtual machines. This text is more effective than those that take a professional approach because it eliminates confusion from working with differing hardware configurations, while allowing users to test interoperability between Linux and Windows. Detailed, yet reader-friendly, Linux Operations and Administration makes it easy to learn Linux and practice it with helpful in-text features like learning objectives and key terms, as well as items for self assessment such as review questions, hands-on activities, and case projects.


  • Cutting-Edge Virtualization Software: Linux Operations and Administation, uses virtual machines with Linux creating a more productive learning environment where users benefit from hardware-independent, hands-on lab activities.

  • Flexible Presentation: Modular organization permits instructors to customize the book according to their course and syllabus.

  • Implementation Focused: Linux Operations and Administation takes a skills-based approach preparing users with practical knowledge they can use their first day on the job and beyond.

  • Helpful Features: Learning objectives, chapter summaries, key terms and definitions, review questions, hands-on lab activities, and case projects engage readers and broaden their understanding of course material.

  • Time-Saving Instructor Tools: Instructor Resources include coordinating PowerPoint® slides, an ExamView Testbank, Sample Syllabi, Instructor's Manual, Solution Files, and an Image Library, all designed to maximize instructor time and effort!

About the Author

Alfred Basta

Alfred Basta, PhD, is a professor of mathematics, cryptography, and information security as well as a professional speaker on topics in Internet security, networking, and cryptography. He is a member of many associations including the Mathematical Association of America. Dr. Basta's other publications include MATHEMATICS FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, LINUX OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION, and DATABASE SECURITY.

Dustin A. Finamore

Dustin A. Finamore has 14 years of experience with the United States Air Force (USAF), where he developed and taught UNIX security and UNIX advanced administration courses. As an airman, he installed, configured, and maintained intelligence computer systems worldwide. He is a graduate of Bellevue University and is currently an instructor at Virginia College, where he teaches Linux courses, among others.

Nadine Basta

Nadine Basta, MS, is a professor of computer science, information technology, and security. Her numerous certifications include MCSE, MSDBA, CCDP, NCSE, NCTE, and CCA. A security consultant and auditor, she combines strong "in the field" experience with her academic background. She is also coauthor of MATHEMATICS FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and LINUX OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Linux Operating System.
2. Installing OpenSUSE.
3. Managing Files and Directories.
4. Creating and Editing Files with Text Editors.
5. Creating Shell Scripts and Displaying File Contents.
6. Managing Data: Backup and Recovery Processes.
7. Managing Users and Groups.
8. Network Services.
9. Installing Software Packages.
10. Apache Web Server.
11. The Domain Name System.
12. Configuring a Mail Server.
13. Working with the Network File System.
14. Installing Linux.
15. Linux FileSystem Management and Administration.
16. Managing Resources in Linux.
17. Networking in a Linux Environment.
18. Interoperating Linux and Windows.
19. Securing Linux.
20. Linux Kernel.
21. System Monitoring and Performance Tuning.
22. Problem Solving and Troubleshooting in a Linux Network.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1111035318 | ISBN-13: 9781111035310)

The Instructor Resources CD includes the following materials: Electronic Instructor's Manual--The Instructor's Manual that accompanies this book includes additional material to assist in class preparation, including suggestions for classroom activities, discussion topics, and additional activities. Solutions--The instructor resources include solutions to all end-of-chapter material, including review questions and case projects. PowerPoint Presentations--This book comes with Microsoft PowerPoint slides for each chapter. They are included as a teaching aid for classroom presentation, to make available to students on the network for chapter review, or to be printed for classroom distribution. Instructors, please feel free to add your own slides for additional topics you introduce to the class. ExamView®--ExamView®, the ultimate tool for objective-based testing needs, is a powerful test generator that enables instructors to create paper, LAN, or Web-based tests from test banks designed specifically for their Cengage Course Technology text. Instructors can utilize the ultra-efficient Quick Test Wizard to create tests in less than five minutes by taking advantage of Cengage Course Technology's question banks, or customize their own exams from scratch. Figure files--All figures and tables in the book are reproduced on the Instructor Resources CD in bitmap format. Similar to the PowerPoint presentations, they are included as a teaching aid for classroom presentation, to make available to students for review, or to be printed for classroom distribution.