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Guide to Wireless Communications, 4th Edition

  • Jorge L. Olenewa
  • ISBN-10: 1305958535
  • ISBN-13: 9781305958531
  • 528 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2014, 2007, 2002
  • COPYRIGHT: 2017 Published
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About the Product

Introduce your students to wireless data communications as Olenewa’s GUIDE TO WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, 4E covers a wide range of technologies, making it the ideal resource for your entry-level course. The text addresses the fundamentals of radio frequency communications and provides a valuable overview of protocols, transmission methods, and IEEE standards. A comprehensive introduction to the standards-based technologies used in Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANs), and Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWANs) helps your students understand the most popular wireless communications available today.


  • USER-FRIENDLY MATERIAL CLEARLY ADDRESSES DIFFERENT WIRELESS NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES. Students examine personal area networks, local area networks, metropolitan area networks, and wide area networks as well as the corresponding implementation, security, and business applications.

  • APPROACH PREPARES STUDENTS FOR MORE-IN DEPTH LEARNING. The book’s practical and hands-on approach provides the solid foundation students need to enhance their career opportunities with fundamental wireless data communications knowledge.

  • BOOK EXPLORES DIGITAL AND ANALOG DATA TRANSMISSION OVER A WIRELESS MEDIUM. Students examine all aspects of wireless data transmission, including issues related to the use of various protocols, encoding, error detection and correction as well as security. These insights prepare your students for further study and success in the real world.

  • PROVEN LEARNING FEATURES PROVIDE EXTENSIVE TOOLS THAT ENCOURAGE ACTIVE LEARNING. Clear learning objectives, user-friendly chapter content, chapter summaries, key terms and definitions, review questions, hands-on projects, and case projects all work seamlessly to help enhance your students’ understanding of the key topics and skills presented.

  • BOOK ENHANCES THE ABILITY TO RESEARCH EQUIPMENT AND ISSUES IN THE WIRELESS INDUSTRY. Students learn about the latest equipment, technology and challenges impacting wireless communication today while also refining their skills to perform better and understand future advancements in the industry throughout their current or future careers.


“Comprehensive overview of the wireless technology landscape; Great hands-on projects and excises after the chapter. Examples makes understanding of the RF communication concepts easy”
— Feng Li, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

About the Author

Jorge L. Olenewa

Jorge L. Olenewa has been an instructor at George Brown College for more than 15 years, where he continues to teach and assist in the creation and implementation of several programs of study related to networking and wireless technologies. This academic experience and more than four decades of working in the computer industry formed the foundation of his book, GUIDE TO WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, now in its 4th Edition. A keynote speaker on wireless technologies and co-chair at WECON, a major international Wireless and Embedded Systems conference in India, Mr. Olenewa has completed applied researched in wireless applications for in-vehicle entertainment systems, Real-Time Location Systems, and two Mobile Learning research projects. He is a Cisco® Certified Academy Instructor and Manages the Cisco Networking Academy at George Brown College. Mr. Olenewa holds a B.S. in Electronic Information Systems from B.L.A.I. in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Wireless Communications.
2. Wireless Data Transmission.
3. Understanding Radio Frequency Communications.
4. How Antennas Work.
5. Wireless Personal Area Networks.
6. Introduction to Wi-Fi WLANs.
7. Enhancing WLAN Performance.
8. Extending WLANs and WLAN Security.
9. WMAN – Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks.
10. WWAN – Wireless Wide Area Networks.
11. RFID – Radio Frequency Identification.
12. Wireless Communication in Business.

New to this edition

  • BOOK EMPHASIZES HOW READERS CAN USE AN UNDERSTANDING OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TO ADVANCE THEIR CAREERS. This book addresses the issue that while many students today know how use wireless communication devices, they lack the fundamental knowledge to further develop their understanding of devices or apply this knowledge to a successful career in the field.
  • BOOK PROVIDES A THOROUGH AND ACCURATE SOURCE OF INFORMATION TO USE NOW AND LATER IN STUDENTS’ STUDIES AND CAREERS. The author’s practical and knowledgeable approach helps de-mystify how today’s wireless technology really works.
  • THIS EDITION HIGHLIGHTS AN UPDATED LIST OF STANDARDS. In addition to addressing the latest industry developments, the author provides expanded information about enterprise-class WLAN equipment as well as how and why it is deployed in business today.
  • UPDATED AND SIMPLIFIED INFORMATION EXAMINES ANTENNAS. New, user-friendly information on antennas includes practical hands-on projects to ensure student understanding.
  • NEW INFORMATION ADDRESSES THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN CELLULAR TECHNOLOGIES. This edition provides an insightful overview of the upcoming 5th generation and clearly explains how it will enhance the busiest wireless communication system worldwide.
  • NEW CONTENT INVESTIGATES CURRENT USES OF RFID AND NFC TECHNOLOGIES. Students examine how developers are applying RFID and NFC technology to various advancements, including progress in secure, mobile payment (PCI).


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