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Modern Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection, 1st Edition

  • John Dixon
  • ISBN-10: 1418053910
  • ISBN-13: 9781418053918
  • 400 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

Designed for technicians new to the field of preventive maintenance for trucks and trailers, this valuable resource offers readers a clear, solid understanding of the otherwise complex equipment involved in truck servicing. MDT: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection provides the knowledge needed to identify potential problems during regular service, before they turn into major repair issues or a roadside breakdown. The book breaks down need-to-know content areas into chapters that make sense: from general shop safety and hand tools to truck/trailer reefer service and coupling systems and everything in between. Each chapter includes procedures for inspecting and maintaining that specific area. Using a generic preventive maintenance checklist as a guideline throughout, this go-to guide has everything the beginning technician needs to perform effective servicing.


  • detailed photo sequences allow readers to follow along step by step with critical tasks

  • clear, straightforward approach facilitates an understanding of even the most complicated concepts

  • checklists included for generic preventive maintenance for trucks and trailers, as well as coupling systems and auxiliary components

  • ASE Education Foundation correlations are provided in the Instructor’s Guide for each chapter where applicable

About the Author

John Dixon

John Dixon has taught HVAC/Refrigeration and Steering/Suspension/Brakes at Centennial College School of Transportation since 1999. He has been Department Coordinator for the Truck and Coach Mentorship there, as well as the Modified Apprenticeship Program, for eight years. A member of the Toronto Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association and the Program Advisory Committee for Mack/Volvo Trucks, Mr. Dixon is also Vice Chair of the Curriculum Advisory Committee for Ontario Colleges. His professional licenses include Canadian license 310-S (Automotive), 310-T (Truck), and the Ontario Mobile Refrigeration license. John Dixon also wrote Modern Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (Delmar, 2010).

Table of Contents

1. General Shop Safety.
2. Hand tools.
3. Fasteners.
4. PM Service.
5. Cooling System Service and Inspection:
6. Drive Train Service.
7. Transmission Service and Inspection Automatic and Standard.
8. Tire Wheel and Rim Service and Inspection.
9. Braking Systems Service and Inspection.
10. Chassis / Cab Service and Inspection.
11. Steering System and Suspension Service and Inspection.
12. Electrical Systems and Auxiliary Components.
13. Coupling Systems.
14. Truck/Trailer Reefer service and Inspection.
15. Trailer Service and Inspection.
16. Tank Trailer Service and Inspection.
17. Tractor PMI Class 7 and 8 Diesel Powered with Air Brakes.


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Instructor Supplements

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