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Internet Security You Can Afford: The Untangle® Internet Gateway, 1st Edition

  • ISBN-10: 1435461363
  • ISBN-13: 9781435461369
  • 352 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Product

Untangle is an Internet gateway and firewall that provides a powerful solution for protecting computer networks, whether at home or on the job—stopping viruses, hackers, and other unwanted Internet traffic from interfering with your life. In its basic form, Untangle is free, so getting started is easy on the budget. Although the software is available in a variety of configurations, the free version of the Untangle Next Generation Firewall (Untangle NG) and its accompanying software modules can handily meet the Internet security needs of just about any home or small business. With INTERNET SECURITY YOU CAN AFFORD: USING UNTANGLE AS YOUR INTERNET GATEWAY, you will learn everything you need to know to secure your network, including downloading and installing Untangle, implementing network and user-protection best practices, scaling up your Untangle installation, and much more. Protect your network and its users without wrecking your budget—get INTERNET SECURITY YOU CAN AFFORD: USING UNTANGLE AS YOUR INTERNET GATEWAY.


  • Introduces a cost-effective security option.

  • Provides the only book on Untangle®, the free, open-source alternative to expensive Internet security appliances and gateways.

  • Details how Untangle® 's multi-functional firewall software simplifies and consolidates the many network and security products that organizations need at the gateway to the Internet, making protection and filtering easy and affordable.

  • Provides answers and reference tools, whether you are a parent securing a home network, a school district CTO, or small business owner.

  • Guides you through decision-making, installation, networking, and use.

Table of Contents

1. Getting a Computer.
2. Networking 101.
3. Downloading and Installing Untangle.
4. What’s Happening Inside My Untangle Gateway?
5. Network and User Protection Best Practices.
6. Implementing Networking Best Practices (or Not) with Untangle.
7. Implementing Protection Best Practices (or Not) with Untangle (a.k.a. “The Rack”).
8. User Considerations.
9. Advanced Topics.
10. Paid Features.
11. Bigger Box? Bigger Network? Or Both?