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Structural, Civil and Pipe Drafting, 2nd Edition

  • David L. Goetsch
  • ISBN-10: 1133949398
  • ISBN-13: 9781133949398
  • 464 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2004
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Rapidly changing infrastructure along with new products and manufacturing processes are making expertise in architectural, civil, pipe, and structural design increasingly essential for modern drafting professionals. Building on decades of success with his acclaimed STRUCTURAL DRAFTING text, author David Goetsch created STRUCTURAL, CIVIL, AND PIPE DRAFTING to help students and professionals develop the specific knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving, high-demand field. The text opens with an overview of structural drafting—from department organization to product fabrication and shipping—before exploring critical topics such as structural steel, pre-cast concrete, poured-in-place concrete, structural wood drafting, pre-fab metal buildings, civil engineering drafting, and process piping. Now thoroughly updated, the Second Edition features new and revised material reflecting the latest trends, technology, and applications, as well as more photographs and illustrations, improved CAD application exercises, and additional instructor resources to enhance teaching and learning.


  • Real industry drawings throughout the text illustrate key concepts, helping make abstract principles and complex concepts easier to understand and apply.

  • Learning objectives, summaries of key ideas, review questions, and hands-on drafting projects are included in every chapter to help students master the material and hone their skills.

  • An logical structure makes the text easy to teach and read, with initial chapters providing an overview of structural drafting, and later sections covering topics such as structural steel, pre-cast concrete, poured-in-place concrete, structural wood drafting, pre-fab metal buildings, civil engineering drafting, and process piping.

About the Author

David L. Goetsch

David Goetsch, Ph.D., was recognized as Technical Instructor of the Year by the U.S. Department of Education in 1984. In 1986, he was honored as Technical Educator of the Year by the Florida Vocational Association. A member of the American Management Association, the Florida Association of Community Colleges, and the American Society for Quality, Goetsch currently serves as vice president and professor emeritus at Northwest Florida State College.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Structural Drafting. Typical Structural Drafting Department. Drawing, Checking, Correcting, and Revising Processes. Product Fabrication and Shipping. Structural Connectors.
Structural Steel Framing Plans. Structural Steel Sections. Structural Steel Connection Details. Structural Steel Fabrication Details. Structural Steel Bills of Materials. Pre-Engineered Metal Building.
Precast Concrete Framing Plans. Precast Concrete Sections. Precast Concrete Connection Details. Precast Concrete Fabrication Details. Precast Concrete Bills of Materials.
Poured-in-Place Concrete Foundations. Poured-in-Place Concrete Walls and Columns. Poured-in-Place Concrete Floor Systems. Poured-in-Place Stairs and Ramps.
Structural Wood Floor Systems. Structural Wood Walls. Structural Wood Roofs. Structural Wood Posts, Beams, Girders, and Arches.
Property Maps and Plot Plans. Contour Lines, Profiles, and Roadwork. Quality Takeoffs and Calculations. Pipe Drafting.
Finding a Job and Succeeding in Drafting. Advanced Drafting Projects.

New to this edition

  • Instructor resources for the Second Edition include an expanded Instructor's Guide and Companion Website featuring lecture slides, as well as a robust test bank with questions covering key learning objectives and chapter material.
  • New and updated material on relevant software and technology includes coverage of GPS surveying, electronic distance measurement, ground scan sonar, coordinate systems, plotting of curves, and other trends and topics affecting how today's professionals practice their trade.
  • Information on the role of the Internet and other technology in finding and securing a job has been included, providing valuable guidance as students prepare for the transition from classroom instruction to the working world.
  • Several chapters feature significantly updated or expanded content on topics important for today's drafting professionals, including ground scan radar, coordinate systems, quantity takeoffs and calculations, site preparation, utility pipes, groundwater management, reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipes, and three-dimensional modeling.
  • A variety of new photographs, drawings, diagrams, and illustrations make the Second Edition more engaging and effective for today's visual learners, while improved CAD exercises and additional instructor resources contribute to more effective, efficient teaching and learning.