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Heavy Duty Truck Systems, 6th Edition

  • Sean Bennett
  • ISBN-10: 1305073622
  • ISBN-13: 9781305073623
  • 1328 Pages | Hardcover
  • Previous Editions: 2011, 2006, 2001
  • COPYRIGHT: 2016 Published
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About the Product

Comprehensive, technically accurate, and up-to-date, HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, 6E is the best-selling introduction to servicing medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Now in striking full color, the sixth edition helps users develop a strong foundation in electricity and electronics, power train, steering and suspension, brakes, and accessories systems and presents introductory material on servicing, safety, tools, and preventive maintenance. This edition is updated with full coverage of ASE Education Foundation competencies and the latest technology, including 2014 J1939 updates and access tools, Wingman radar, CMS, and Allison TC10 transmissions (introduced in 2013). The book's proven pedagogy is enhanced by extensive sets of review questions; over 1700 full-color photographs and pieces of art that help readers visualize key concepts and servicing procedures; and an accompanying workbook by the author that provides additional review material, Internet research exercises, and ASE Education Foundation task-oriented job sheets.


  • Provides an unparalleled suite of instructor and student resources, including a comprehensive test bank, PowerPoint® slides for every chapter, 58 new videos that cover basic service procedures (via MindTap™), a Student Workbook, and more.

  • Includes standard-to-metric values (metric in brackets) throughout except CVSA and FMVSS compliance specs.

  • Focuses on prognostic maintenance, reflecting current trucking industry practices.

  • Covers the latest battery technology, changes in electronic service tools, collision avoidance technologies, and service information systems (SISs).

  • Provides an introduction to Eaton DM clutches and comprehensive coverage of Caterpillar's new highway vocational transmissions (CX family).

  • Includes reefer cryogenics and BlueCool-type heat exchanges.

  • Features the most comprehensive glossary of any other trucking book on the market.

About the Author

Sean Bennett

Sean Bennett is a former program coordinator for the Truck and Diesel Department at Centennial College, as well as a former corporate trainer for Mack Trucks. During a 20-year tenure at the college he authored new curricula, helped overhaul existing course offerings and chaired a wide range of curriculum development committees for the Province of Ontario. Mr. Bennett has written more than 30 books dealing with diesel, truck, heavy equipment and automotive technology, and he currently devotes his career to technical writing and speaking engagements. He is an active member of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council, the Association of Diesel Specialists, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. He is widely regarded as the foremost author in commercial vehicle technology.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Servicing Heavy-Duty Trucks.
2. Shop Safety and Operations.
3. Tools and Fasteners.
4. Maintenance.
5. Fundamentals of Electricity.
6. Fundamentals of Electronics and Computers.
7. Batteries.
8. Charging Systems.
9. Cranking Systems.
10. Chassis Electrical Circuits.
11. Diagnosis and Repair of Electronic Circuits.
12. Multiplexing.
13. Hydraulics Fundamentals.
14. Clutches.
15. Standard Transmissions.
16. Standard Transmission Servicing.
17. Torque Converters.
18. Automatic Transmissions.
19. Automatic Transmission Maintenance.
20. Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) and Hybrids.
21. Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmissions (ECATs).
22. Driveshaft Assemblies.
23. Heavy-Duty Truck Axles.
24. Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Service and Repair.
25. Steering and Alignment.
26. Suspension Systems.
27. Wheels and Tires.
28. Truck Brake Systems.
29. Hydraulic and Air-over-Hydraulic Braking Systems.
30. ABS and EBS Braking Systems.
31. Air Brake Servicing.
32. Vehicle Chassis Frame.
33. Heavy Duty Truck Trailers.
34. Fifth Wheels and Coupling Systems.
35. Heavy-Duty HVAC systems.

New to this edition

  • Expanded coverage of hydraulics, oxyacetylene, and electric welding safety; fastener identification; emerging trends in trucking heading for EPA 2017 load efficiency/CO2 dump requirements; and CSA 2010.
  • Updated electricity and electronics chapters, including J1939 electronics (2014 access including J1962), and new content on Wingman radar, collision mitigation systems (CMS), new electronic service tools (ESTs), ultracapacitors, and battery information management systems.
  • Introduction to Delco Remy 33/40 alternator diagnostics and reconditioning, smart ignition switches, internal mag solenoid switches (IMSS), overcrank protection, and highway grid hotel loads for trucks and trailers.
  • Updated chapters on clutches (DM centrifugal and AW wet) and transmissions, including hybrid transmissions, as well as detailed coverage of the Allison TC10 for Class 8 trucks.
  • Revision of tires and wheel end chapters, including new balancing methods; expanded coverage of air disc brakes; and a significantly revised chapter on hydraulic/hydraulic power-boost brakes.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Web Site  (ISBN-10: 1305259491 | ISBN-13: 9781305259492)

The Instructor Companion Website includes PowerPoint® presentations for each core textbook chapter, a computerized test bank, an Instructor's Manual, and other text-specific resources. To access the Instructor Companion Website, please visit

Instructor's Resource  (ISBN-10: 1305262425 | ISBN-13: 9781305262423)

The Instructor Resources CD includes PowerPoint® presentations for each core textbook chapter, a computerized test bank, an Instructor's Manual, and other text-specific resources.

Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero® Instant Access  (ISBN-10: 1305259610 | ISBN-13: 9781305259614)

Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero is a flexible online system that allows you to author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions; create multiple test versions in an instant; and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want. Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero works on any operating system or browser. No special installs or downloads are needed. You can create tests from school, home, the coffee shop-anywhere with Internet access. What will you find? Simplicity at every step. A desktop-inspired interface features drop-down menus and familiar, intuitive tools that take you through content creation and management with ease. A full-featured test generator lets you create ideal assessments with your choice of 15 question types (including true/false, multiple choice, opinion scale/likert, and essay). Multilanguage support, an equation editor, and unlimited metadata help ensure that your tests are complete and compliant. With cross-compatible capability, you can import and export content into other systems.

Workbook  (ISBN-10: 1305259483 | ISBN-13: 9781305259485)

This practical workbook helps users retain key chapter content. Included in this resource are chapter objectives, practice questions, Job Sheets keyed to NATEF tasks, and online tasks.

MindTap Diesel Technology, 4 terms (24 months) Instant Access for Bennett's Heavy Duty Truck Systems  (ISBN-10: 1305259580 | ISBN-13: 9781305259584)

MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignments that guide students in analyzing, applying, and improving their thinking, allowing you to measure skills and outcomes with ease. Personalized teaching becomes yours through a Learning Path built with key student objectives and your syllabus in mind. Control what students see and when they see it. Relevant readings, multimedia, and activities are designed to take students up the levels of learning, from basic knowledge to analysis and application. Analytics and reports provide a snapshot of class progress, time in course, engagement, and completion rates.

Diesel Engine Videos  (ISBN-10: 1133592562 | ISBN-13: 9781133592563)

DIESEL ENGINE VIDEOS contain 57 original videos, each averaging 2 minutes in length, on topics that cover both the theory and servicing of modern diesel engines, fuel and engine management systems. Designed to accompany the Fourth Edition of Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems, the videos provide step-by-step demonstrations of some of the key shop floor procedures undertaken by technicians. There is an emphasis on service and maintenance tasks, and up-to-date equipment and tools are used in the demonstrations. Basic engine service techniques, engine reconditioning, and operations such as connecting to a chassis data bus are covered, along with demonstrations of dynamometer test bed procedure. The videos were scripted and filmed with expert oversight at every step to insure the highest degree of authenticity and technical accuracy. They are ideally suited as attention-getting additions to the Powerpoint presentations available with Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems, or to an instructor’s own lecture materials. The video files are available on CD-ROM and come with a chart correlating them to relevant Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized Management Systems 4e chapters and to the NATEF Task List. Give your students the advantage of understanding important repair procedures before they walk in the shop!

Student Supplements

ASE Certification Voucher: Standard Test – Academic, 2 terms Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 0357047176 | ISBN-13: 9780357047170)

Cengage is committed to boosting employability, so students can land their first job in the transportation industry soon after graduation. One of the best ways to enhance student employability is through ASE certification! The ASE Certification Voucher provides students with access to the ASE Professional Level Certification Tests at a discounted price. The ASE Certification Voucher provide access to all ASE Certification tests except L1, L2, and L3 (advanced tests). Each voucher code includes one registration and one test fee.

Workbook  (ISBN-10: 1305259483 | ISBN-13: 9781305259485)

Master the key content in HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, 6E with this practical workbook, which contains chapter objectives, practice questions, Job Sheets keyed to NATEF tasks, and online tasks.

MindTap Diesel Technology, 4 terms (24 months) Instant Access for Bennett's Heavy Duty Truck Systems  (ISBN-10: 1305259580 | ISBN-13: 9781305259584)

MindTap Diesel Technology for Bennett's Heavy Duty Truck Systems, 6th Edition provides you with the tools you need to better manage your limited time -- you can complete assignments whenever and wherever you are ready to learn with course material specially customized for you by your instructor and streamlined in one proven, easy-to-use interface. With an array of tools and apps -- from note taking to flashcards -- you'll get a true understanding of course concepts, helping you to achieve better grades and setting the groundwork for your future courses. Access to this product is valid for 24 months of usage.