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International Human Resource Management, 1st Edition

  • Stefan Gröschl
  • Peter J. Dowling
  • Marion Festing PhD
  • Allen D. Engle, Sr. D.B.A
  • ISBN-10: 0176440976
  • ISBN-13: 9780176440978
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2008
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

The books in the Nelson Series in Human Resources Management are the best source in Canada for reliable, valid, and current knowledge about practices in HRM. As part of this market-leading series, International Human Resource Management, 1st Canadian edition, accurately captures the reality facing HRM professionals practicing in multinational enterprises.


  • Integrates Canadian experiences and issues, without abandoning the intent of an international theme.

  • International Human Resource Management Today boxes feature stories or cases that illustrate current, real-life examples of the text material.

  • International Human Resource Management Notebook boxes present practical hands-on information for HR practitioners.

  • Text material is linked with the required professional capabilities (RPC's) necessary to earn a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. These RPC icons appear in the margins of the text.

  • Part of the market-leading Nelson Series in Human Resource Management.

About the Author

Stefan Gröschl

Stefan Gröschl (Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University, England) is Associate Professor for Human Resources Management, Diversity Management, and Organizational Behaviour, and co-chairs the Diversity and Performance Chair at the ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. Previous appointments include Oxford Brookes University, England and the University of Guelph, Canada. He is a visiting professor at Royal Roads University, Canada and a graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph, Canada. His primary research interests focus on HR policies and practices supporting the integration of disadvantaged and/or minority employee groups into the workforce. His work has been published in national and international academic journals and the Nelson Series in Human Resources Management, and presented at national and international conferences such as ASAC and EGOS.

Peter J. Dowling

Peter J. Dowling is Professor of International Business in the School of Marketing & International Business at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His previous appointments include The University of Melbourne, Monash University, the University of Tasmania, and University of Canberra, as well as visiting appointments in the United States at Cornell University and Michigan State University, and in Germany at the University of Paderborn and the University of Bayreuth. A proven author, Dr. Dowling also co-wrote Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalisation, 3e (Pacific Rim), Human Resource Management in Australia, 2e, and People in Organizations: An Introduction to Organizational Behavior in Australia. In addition, he has written or co-authored more than 70 journal articles and book chapters, and serves on the editorial boards of International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Management International Review, Journal of International Management, Journal of Management & Organization, ZFP-German Journal of Human Resource Research, Management Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, and Thunderbird International Business Review. Dr. Dowling serves as a vice-president of the Australia & New Zealand International Business Academy, President-Elect of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM), and a Senior Research Affiliate of the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University. He also is a past president of the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management. He received his Ph.D. from The Flinders University of South Australia.

Marion Festing PhD

Marion Festing is Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership at ESCP-EAP European School of Management in Berlin, Germany. Her previous appointments include the University of Paderborn, Germany, and she has gained educational, research and work experience in France, Australia, Tunisia, Taiwan, and the U.S. Dr. Festing's current research interests focus on transnational HRM strategies, global careers, and global compensation. Her publications include a book on strategic international human resource management (Strategisches Internationales Personalmanagement, 2e) and a co-authored text on international human resource management (Internationales Personalmanagement, 2e). In addition, she has written or co-authored more than 50 book chapters and journal articles, as well as published in such international journals as Management International Review, Economic and Industrial Demography, European Management Journal, and International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business. Dr. Festing serves on the editorial boards of Career Development International, Journal of Management & Organization, International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business, ZFP-German Journal of Human Resource Research, and Zeitschrift Für Management. In 2006, Dr. Festing served as co-chair of the IHRM track at the IFSAM conference in Berlin. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Paderborn.

Allen D. Engle, Sr. D.B.A

Allen D. Engle, Sr. is a professor of management in the College of Business and Technology at Eastern Kentucky University, where he has taught courses in management, human resource administration, organizational behavior, organizational theory, and international management. He also has been a visiting lecturer at the FHS - Hochschule Für Technik, Wirtschaft und Soziale Arbeit, St. Gallen in Switzerland, and a visiting professor of international management at the University of Pécs in Hungary. Dr. Engle is a national and regional professional member of World at Work (formerly the American Compensation Association) and the Society for Human Resource Management, as well as a longtime member of the U.S. Academy of Management. His research interests are in the topic areas of compensation theory and practices, leadership and organizational change, job analysis, managerial competencies, and organizational design -- particularly their impact on multinational firms. Published in regional, national, and international academic journals, Dr. Engle has presented academic papers at conferences in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. He also has consulted for regional firms and presented professional seminars in the areas of performance appraisal systems, executive team building, strategically responsive compensation systems, intercultural management issues and organizational change. He received his D.B.A. from the University of Kentucky.