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Mentoring, 4th Edition

  • Cathy Shea
  • ISBN-10: 142601838X
  • ISBN-13: 9781426018381
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2002
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

Mentoring isn’t what it used to be. In today’s high-tech, global economy, the days of stiff hierarchy and loyalty to the status quo are long gone. Today’s mentors understand that they have as much to gain from building close working relationships and sharing their experience with others as they have to give. Whether you are entering an informal arrangement or a formal training program, learn how to make mentoring more meaningful for everyone.

Table of Contents

Part One: What is Mentoring & Why it Matters
Chapter 1: The Story of Mentor
Chapter 2: What Mentors Do
Chapter 3: The Enabling Mentor
Chapter 4: Mentoring Today
Chapter 5: What Does Mentoring Look Like?
Chapter 6: The Power of Relationships in Our Lives
Chapter 7: Mentors Care Beyond the Work
Chapter 8: A Mentor Goes Above and Beyond
Chapter 9: Part Summary

Part Two: Creating a Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 10: Stages of Development
Chapter 11: Where to Begin
Chapter 12: The Mentoring Match
Chapter 13: Determining Mentee Expectations
Chapter 14: Developing a Partnership
Chapter 15: Guiding Principles
Chapter 16: Creating a Mentor/Mentee Agreement
Chapter 17: Two-Way Mentoring / Reverse Mentoring
Chapter 18: Part Summary

Part Three: Maintaining a Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 19: Adopting a Change Attitude
Chapter 20: Managing Change
Chapter 21: Coping Mechanisms
Chapter 22: Mirroring
Chapter 23: Validation
Chapter 24: It's Rarely Black or White
Chapter 25: Progressive Adaptation
Chapter 26: Part Summary

Part Four: Navigating the Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 27: Effective Mentoring Tools
Chapter 28: Shifting Context
Chapter 29: Active Listening
Chapter 30: Naming Feelings
Chapter 31: Listening for Motivation
Chapter 32: Constructive Confrontation
Chapter 33: Information That Has Positive Impact
Chapter 34: Giving Permission
Chapter 35: Being Genuinely Curious
Chapter 36: Part Summary

Part Five: Fine Tuning & Transitioning the Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 37: Fine Tuning and Transitioning
Chapter 38: Potential Pitfall One-Giving Criticism
Chapter 39: Potential Pitfall Two-Giving Advice
Chapter 40: Potential Pitfall Three-Trying to Rescue
Chapter 41: Transitioning the Relationship
Chapter 42: Part Summary