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College Keyboarding: Lessons 56-120, 18th Edition

  • Susie H. VanHuss
  • Connie M. Forde
  • Donna L. Woo
  • Joanne Hill
  • Harpreet Kochhar
  • Michelle Rivers
  • ISBN-10: 017650284X
  • ISBN-13: 9780176502843
  • 0 Pages | Spiralbound
  • Previous Editions: 2009, 2006, 2003
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

Canadian, easy to use and reliable, the Eighteenth Edition of College Keyboarding helps your students master the advanced word processing skills most important for career success! LESSONS 56-120, combines formatting with productivity tools for a text that meets the needs of students seeking expertise with Microsoft Word 2010. Each lesson is clearly focused, well structured, and designed to provide step-by-step training and reinforcement to help students quickly develop advanced skills. Based on customer feedback, this semester-based text includes 55 lessons in a one-book solution that includes both documents and software instructions within a space-saving easel-back format. Lessons 56-120 covers business correspondence, tables, reports, document design, mail merge, advanced graphics, meeting documents and collaboration, legal and medical documents, and employment documents. It also includes supplemental lessons related to Microsoft Office Specialist certification, covering mastering word commands, and sharing and maintaining documents. A separate, first-semester text is available with Lessons 1-55.

About the Author

Susie H. VanHuss

Dr. Susie H. VanHuss received her B.S. degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and her MBA and Ph.D. degrees from Indiana University. Her teaching specialties include business communications, administrative systems, and personnel management. Her work, includes textbooks in communications, keyboarding and word processing, and office technology. She has written numerous journal articles and has served on the editorial review boards of several leading business education journals.

Connie M. Forde

Dr. Connie M. Forde is a full professor and head of the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development at Mississippi State University, where she leads undergraduate programs in information technology services, business technology teacher education, and industrial technology, as well as graduate programs in instructional technology. Dr. Forde also continues to advise doctoral students on their dissertation research. Prior to her tenure at Mississippi State University, she was a business teacher at both the community college and secondary levels. She earned her B.S. and M.Ed. degrees in business education from the University of Southern Mississippi and her Ph.D. in higher education from the University of Mississippi. Dr. Forde serves as coauthor of the COLLEGE KEYBOARDING series and a variety of word processing and integrated applications textbooks and simulations. She is a recognized contributor to the professional literature and a speaker at state, regional, and national conferences. Additionally, she has served as president of the National Business Education Association, Southern Business Education Association, and National Council of Pi Omega Pi, and chair of the Foundation for the Future of Business Education.

Donna L. Woo

Donna L. Woo is an instructor and department coordinator for Information Systems/Office Automation at Cypress College and associate director of education at Pacific College. She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in business education from Michigan State University and earned her Ed.D. from Nova University. Her industry experience includes work for both IBM and General Motors. A respected author, Dr. Woo has written several word processing textbooks and has served as a coauthor on several editions of South-Western COLLEGE KEYBOARDING textbooks.

Joanne Hill

For the past thirteen years, Joanne has endeavoured to provide Canadian professors and students with a student-focused Canadian College Keyboarding series reflective of culture and geographical diversity in Canada. Joanne has been teaching post-secondary students for the past 22 years. Classical studies at Trent University combined with Business Administration from Ryerson University give Joanne the varied background she has used in the classroom and on this exceptional textbook. Joanne lives in the country in a century home on the millpond in a small town in Ontario.

Harpreet Kochhar

Harpreet has been a faculty member of Durham College for almost 15 years. She teaches a wide range of computer-related and accounting courses in the first year and in the Executive option of the second year Office Administration program. She holds a Master of Arts degree in English, and a Master of Arts degree in Education through Central Michigan University where her thesis concentration was on web-centric learning. A life time learner herself, Harpreet takes courses on an on-going basis to keep current in her field. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Michelle Rivers

Michelle Rivers has worked at Durham College since 1989 and has taught for the past 11 years in a wide variety of administrative studies and programs. Michelle is fully dedicated to the continuous evolution of the teaching and learning environment and is a firm supporter of the empowerment of education. Her teaching specialties include Accounting, Database Management, Human Resources Management, and the Microsoft Office Suite applied to a professional environment. Michelle received her Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University. She enjoys spending time at the cottage with her husband Mark, her children Nick and Rylee and their 2 dogs.

Table of Contents

Level Three
Document Design Mastery
Lessons 56–82
Skill Builder 4

Module Nine
Word 2010 Review
Lesson 56: Home Tab Commands
Lesson 57: Insert Tab Commands
Lesson 58: Page Layout Tab Commands

Module Ten
Memos and Letters
Lesson 59: Memos
Lesson 60: Block Letters
Lesson 61: Modified Block Letters
Lesson 62: Multiple-Page Letters
Lesson 63: Correspondence Review and Editing
Lesson 64: Assessment

Module Eleven
Lesson 65: Table Layout Commands
Lesson 66: Format and Sort Tables
Lesson 67: Calculations in Tables
Lesson 68: Convert Text and Tables
Lesson 69: Create Documents with Tables
Lesson 70: Assessment

Module Twelve
Lesson 71: Review Reports
Lesson 72: Reports with Built-in Headers and Footers
Lesson 73: Report with Preliminary Pages
Lesson 74: Table of Figures and Index
Lesson 75: Report with Citations and Bibliography
Lesson 76: Edit Citations and Manage Sources
Lesson 77: Assessment

Module Thirteen
Mail Merge
Lesson 78: Mail Merge
Lesson 79: Edit the Data Source
Lesson 80: Merge with Envelopes and Labels
Lesson 81: Merge with Alternate Sources
Lesson 82: Assessment

Project Two
Palmer Pet Centre I
Skill Builder 5

Level Four
Advanced Document Processing
Lessons 83–120

Module Fourteen
Documents with Graphics
Lesson 83: Graphics Review
Lesson 84: Document Themes
Lesson 85: Document Backgrounds
Lesson 86: Text Boxes
Lesson 87: Graphic Applications
Lesson 88: Advanced Documents with Graphics
Lesson 89: Assessment

Module Fifteen
Meeting, Travel, and News Documents
Lesson 90: Skill Building
Lesson 91: Agenda with Comments
Lesson 92: Minutes with Track Changes
Lesson 93: Itinerary and Tracking Options
Lesson 94: News and Meeting Documents
Lesson 95: Assessment

Module Sixteen
Legal and Medical Documents
Lesson 96: Legal Documents
Lesson 97: Court Documents
Lesson 98: Preparing Legal Documents
Lesson 99: Medical Correspondence
Lesson 100: SOAP Notes
Lesson 101: Preparing Medical Reports
Lesson 102: Assessment

Module Seventeen
Employment Documents
Lesson 103: Resumes
Lesson 104: Electronic Resumes
Lesson 105: Employment Letters
Lesson 106: Employment Strategies
Lesson 107: Assessment

Module Eighteen
Review and Assessment
Lesson 108: Document Review
Lesson 109: Assessment
Lesson 110: Assessment

Module Nineteen
Master Word Commands
Lesson 111: Master Table Commands
Lesson 112: Master Graphics
Lesson 113: Master List Elements
Lesson 114: Master Reports
Lesson 115: Assessment

Module Twenty
Share and Secure Content
Lesson 116: Customize Templates
Lesson 117: Use the Internet to Share Files
Lesson 118: Manage Files
Lesson 119: Check Document Content and Apply Protection
Lesson 120: Assessment

Project Three
Palmer Pet Centre II
Palmer Pet Centre II

Reference Guide
Command Summary
Windows 7 and File Management REF20
Web-Based Computing: Internet, Cloud, and Web 2.0

New to this edition

  • New configuration of lessons with 1-25, 1-55 and 56-120
  • The Eighteenth Edition has been updated throughout the text to reflect the commands and capabilities of Microsoft® Word 2010—including all word processing drills and applications—enabling students to build expertise with the latest software and prepare for success in a real-world business environment.
  • Legal and medical documents are now covered.
  • Word processing directions are now written specifically for Keyboarding Pro DELUXE, supporting seamless integration of the printed lessons and software for easier comprehension, more effective skill building, and enhanced learning.
  • The text includes a wide variety of reports, and medical and legal documents, providing a more diverse experience that prepares students to apply their skills in a variety of settings.
  • The text is structured for maximum efficiency in learning and application. For example, building blocks are introduced with business letters to encourage effective formatting.
  • Modules include integrated coverage of applied communication skills such as proofreading and language arts.
  • Integrated learning tools give students a real advantage. For example, QuickChecks provide a visual solution to help students confirm that they're making progress and applying skills correctly; Challenge Applications extend learning by integrating research, critical thinking skills, or a combination of skills; and Trouble Shooting tips offer advice on overcoming problems such as incorrect pagination within document sections.
  • The text introduces communication skills and videos for Word 2010 commands (located in Keyboarding Pro DELUXE) before students are required to apply the associated skills, giving them the opportunity to absorb key concepts and hone their understanding in advance
  • The Keyboarding Pro Deluxe software includes Web Reporter with this edition, which allows students to work on and submit assignments online.
  • New Lesson: lessons 63, “Correspondence Review and Editing,” page 307, under Module 10 “Memos and Letters.” This lesson invites students to critically assess and review their work.
  • New Lesson: lesson 75, “Reports with Bibliography,” teaches students the important skill of creating a bibliography
  • New Lesson: lesson 76, “Edit Citations and Manage Sources,” teaches students to create documents with academic and professional integrity
  • New Module: Module 14, Documents with Graphics, prepares students to create branded collateral.
  • New Module! Legal and Medical Documents is now Module 16. Benefit: gives students a taste of each specialty before they decide to pursue it. Great for programs that are a one-year certificate and don’t have the second-year specialization program.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource CD for College Keyboarding 56-120  (ISBN-10: 0176617183 | ISBN-13: 9780176617189)
Keyboarding Pro Deluxe 2.0 : Network Version  (ISBN-10: 0176617329 | ISBN-13: 9780176617325)

This interactive and engaging software combines new-key learning and skill building lessons with document production tools for Microsoft® Word 2010. An exciting addition to any keyboarding or word processing course, KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE 2 builds skills, increases confidence, keeps students motivated to learn the essentials of keyboarding and word processing, and has interactive videos and 3-D animations to review proper hand and finger positions. KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE 2 includes advanced features such as error diagnostics, error-checking of keystrokes and document formats, a reference guide with presentations of Word 2010 commands, coverage of language arts skills and document formats, communications skills review and activities, document format activities, and create a grade book. The Web Reporter feature enables you to create and manage classes and view student reports easily using a simple browser.