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The Art of Floral Design, 3rd Edition

  • Norah T. Hunter
  • ISBN-10: 1418063037
  • ISBN-13: 9781418063030
  • 608 Pages | Hardcover
  • Previous Editions: 2000, 1994
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

Newly expanded and updated, the 3rd Edition of THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN introduces the full range of floral design techniques, from basic to advanced, with vivid photographs, colorful illustrations, and easy-to-understand descriptions. The book balances theory with practice, covering the history of design, artistic elements, floral anatomy, and nomenclature, as well as techniques, tools, and specialties. Much more than a design book, THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3rd Edition prepares readers for 21st century careers with industry-specific discussions about distribution channels, marketing, advertising, finance, business practices, and labor issues. Instructors save time with the available PowerPoint® slides, interactive classroom activities, and a full-color image library.


  • Essential Visual Learning: The richly illustrated, full-color format gives readers the visual framework necessary for learning floral design.

  • Quick Reference Section: A fast, easy-to-use reference, this extensive section lists flowers and foliage alphabetically by botanical name, and depicts a full-cut stem of each plant or flower.

  • Clear, Accessible Descriptions: THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3rd Edition delivers information in a student-friendly style, and includes a complete, back-of-the-book glossary of new and familiar terms.

  • Many Arrangement Styles: From the classics to emerging trends, THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3rd Edition covers a wide range of floral design styles, giving readers access to a broad spectrum of arrangement possibilities.

  • Helpful Learning Features: Learning objectives and highlighted key terms help readers focus on important material in the readings, while review questions and chapter summaries improve retention. Key terms may also be found in the glossary for easy reference.


“Comprehensive coverage of material, well-written illustrations.”
— David Lambe, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Table of Contents

1. Harvest and Distribution.
2. Flower Retailing.
3. Careers and Continuing Education.
4. Nomenclature.
5. Postharvest Physiology.
6. Care and Handling.
7. Design, Style, Harmony, and Unity.
8. Color.
9. Balance, Proportion and Scale.
10. Focal Point and Rhythm.
11. Line, Form, Space and Depth.
12. Texture and Fragrance.
13. Tools, Containers, and the Mechanics of Arrangement.
14. Flower and Foliage Forms.
15. Shapes of Floral Arrangements.
16. Special Occasion and Holidays.
17. Flowers to Wear.
18. Everlasting Designs.
19. A History of Floral Design.
20. Oriental Style of Design.
21. Contemporary Style and Technique.
22. Wedding Flowers.
23. Sympathy Flowers.
24. Flowers.
25. Foliages.

New to this edition

  • All-New, Time-Saving Supplements: Available with the book, the complete ancillary package includes an Instructor’s Manual, ClassMaster with ExamView test bank, PowerPoint slides, Image Library, and a Classroom Interactivity CD-ROM.
  • Revised and Reorganized Content: Additional content and streamlined organization presents floral design history and techniques in a common-sense, easily understood format.
  • Explosive Color: Bursting with four-color illustrations, new photographs, and extensive artwork, THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3RD Edition reflects the true aesthetic quality of floral design today.
  • Business Fundamentals: Preparing for a successful career in floral design includes knowing the business-related aspects of running a shop, and THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3rd Edition gives readers the essentials with coverage of distribution, advertising, finance, labor, and more.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 1418063045 | ISBN-13: 9781418063047)

The instructor’s Manual serves as an instructional resource and provides teaching tips or guidelines, essay questions, answers to review and test questions, key objectives, glossary, appendices and exercises for content reinforcement.

ClassMater  (ISBN-10: 1418063053 | ISBN-13: 9781418063054)

The ClassMaster CD-ROM includes 300 PowerPoint® slides based on the book’s content, complete text of the instructor’s guide, a 1000-question ExamView test bank, and an image library featuring photographs and illustrations from the book.

Classroom Interactivity  (ISBN-10: 1418063061 | ISBN-13: 9781418063061)

The Classroom Interactivity CD-ROM includes 4 games for classroom use and is based on the 1000-question ExamView test bank and ClassMaster content.