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Gateway to Engineering, 1st Edition

  • George E. Rogers
  • Michael D. Wright
  • Ben Yates
  • ISBN-10: 1418061786
  • ISBN-13: 9781418061784
  • 576 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

Project Lead the Way, Inc. (PLTW) is a pioneer in the development of project- and problem-based curriculum for middle school technology and engineering education . The all-new Gateway to Engineering text now offers the perfect tool for mastering Project Lead the Way's® objectives, by introducing young students to the process of design, the importance of engineering graphics, and applications of electricity and electronics, mechanics, energy, communications, automation/robotics, manufacturing processes and control systems/computer programming This text will help students build a solid foundation in technological literacy while they study engineering-related careers and educational pathways. Everyday examples show how engineers and their innovations affect the world around them. A strong technical focus is complemented by a clear, straightforward writing style. Coverage of social impacts of new technologies will allow students to explore possibilities for career pathways in engineering and engineering technology.


  • "Engineering in Action" segments open each chapter to demonstrate how engineers approach design problems and innovate solutions for society.

  • An Engineering Challenge in every chapter allow students and teachers to explore and reinforce text concepts with a hands-on problem-solving activity.

  • Math in Engineering and Science in Engineering emphasize the connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts.

  • Career spotlights profile real engineers from a variety of disciplines to provide students with inspiring role models and first-hand information about career pathways.

  • Boxed articles provide interesting facts and anecdotes to encourage reading.

  • Important Engineering and Technology vocubulary is carefully defined and highlighted.

  • End-of-Chapter exercises provide opportunities to review and extend student learning.

About the Author

George E. Rogers

Dr. George E. Rogers is a professor and coordinator of Engineering/Technology Teacher Education at Purdue University. He previously served as a faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and taught technology education in Omaha, Neb., public schools. He is a former vice president of the Engineering and Technology Education Division of the Association for Career and Technical Education (2005-2008) and former editor of the JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL TEACHER EDUCATION (2002-2004). He is a member of the Indiana Engineering and Technology Education Curriculum Committee and the Indiana Project Lead the Way® Steering Committee. The author or coauthor of 56 research and scholarly publications, Dr. Rogers has received numerous awards from both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Purdue University, including Purdue University College of Education Outstanding Service Award. He received his Ed.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Michael D. Wright

Dr. Michael D. Wright is dean of the College of Education at The University of Central Missouri. He taught six years in public schools and has been a teacher-educator for 25 years. He serves on the Project Lead the Way National Advisory Board and is active in ITEA, where he served as president in 2002 and 2003. The author or coauthor of numerous research and scholarly publications, Dr. Wright is a frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences. He has received almost $9 million in funding in support of career and technology education. A member of the National Advisory Board for the NSF-funded Technology for All Americans Project, he has received numerous awards and honors, including ITEA's Meritorious Service and Distinguished Technology Educator Awards as well as the University of Missouri's High Flyer Award for excellence in teaching. Dr. Wright holds an Ed.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Ben Yates

Ben Yates is associate affiliate director of Missouri Project Lead the Way, Missouri University of Science and Technology. He taught technology education and served in district and building administration for 25 years in public schools and spent 10 years as a teacher-educator at the University of Central Missouri. He served twice as president of the Technology Education Association of Missouri and one term on the International Technology Education Association Board of Directors. His distinctions include the ITEA's Distinguished Technology Educator and the Humanitarian Award. Mr. Yates earned Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degrees in industrial education from California Polytechnic State University, San Louis Obispo.

Table of Contents

UNIT 1: Introduction to Engineering.
1: Engineering and Technology.
2: Technological Resources and Systems.
UNIT 2: Communicating Engineering Ideas.
3: The Engineering Design Process.
4: Sketching.
5: Perspective Drawings.
6: Reverse Engineering.
UNIT 3: Modeling Engineering Designs.
7: Parametric Modeling.
8: Prototyping.
UNIT 4: The Use of Energy in Engineering.
9: Energy.
10: Transfer of Energy.
11: Fluid Power.
12: Flight and Space.
UNIT 5: Electricity and Electronics.
13: Electrical Theory.
14: Electrical Circuits.
15: Electronics.
UNIT 6: Robotics and Automation.
16: Robots in Todays World.
17: Automation.


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Instructor Supplements

Through the Gateway: Readings to Accompany Gateway to Engineering  (ISBN-10: 1418061794 | ISBN-13: 9781418061791)
Instructor Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1418061808 | ISBN-13: 9781418061807)

Student Supplements

Through the Gateway: Readings to Accompany Gateway to Engineering  (ISBN-10: 1418061794 | ISBN-13: 9781418061791)