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Hands-On Music Theory, 1st Edition

  • Richard Wentk
  • ISBN-10: 1305108949
  • ISBN-13: 9781305108943
  • 304 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Product

If you've tried learning music theory before, only to be put off by archaic concepts delivered in a stuffy tone, this is the book for you. HANDS-ON MUSIC THEORY teaches you practical contemporary music theory in contemporary terms--without all the classical nostalgia for methods that are hundreds of years old. Written in fresh, accessible language, and illustrated with examples that draw on modern tools such as sequencer piano rolls and guitar tabs, this book offers practical, hands-on, easy-to understand instruction on key points of modern pop, rock, jazz and electronica music theory. You'll find a wealth of practical examples and familiar references, with links to music that you can listen to online. Learn today's music theory in today's language, with HANDS-ON MUSIC THEORY.


  • Written for contemporary audiences, referencing classic modern songs and performers.

  • Features practical examples, with links to music you can listen to online.

  • Written in a non-stuffy voice, suitable for all ages from high school upwards.

About the Author

Richard Wentk

Richard Wentk writes regularly for music technology magazines and is the author of more than ten books about creative technology. He has performed at electronic music festivals in the UK and Europe and is founder and lead developer for a new technology start-up that turns music theory into commercial music downloads.

Table of Contents

1. The Key to Music.
2. The Pulse.
3. Chords and Colors.
4. Hooking the Listener.
5. Dropping the Bass.
6. Arranging Shapes.
7. Examples and Cliches I.
8. Examples and Cliches II.
Appendix A: Library of Scales and Modes.
Appendix B: Library of Chords.