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Horticulture Management and Supervision, 1st Edition

  • Donald W. Jackson
  • ISBN-10: 1418039985
  • ISBN-13: 9781418039981
  • 320 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

Horticulture Management and Supervision is an invaluable resource for both university and junior college horticulture curriculums. No other management text exists today that is able to mesh current supervisory principles with an intimate day-to-day understanding of the Green Industry. By incorporating real-life scenarios that are firmly-based in the landscape, nursery, golf course/turf management and arboriculture professions, this text is able to greatly assist soon-to-be supervisors in working through a multitude of decision-making processes. Since students are encouraged to incorporate a broad cross-section of supervisory principles in problem-solving personnel issues; they will be much better able to effectively manage staff and be equally skilled in intertwining their managerial skills with the long-term goals of the organization.


  • Introduces and illustrates supervisory concepts in the form of real-life scenarios specific to the Green Industry.

  • A wide range of thought-provoking questions are provided; designed to stretch the problem-solving capabilities of soon-to-be supervisors entering the profession.

  • The value of critical managerial principles are reinforced and students are introduced to them in the form of current day situations.

  • Provides an invaluable resource to young horticulture students with the managerial tools necessary to supervise staff throughout many facets of the industry.

About the Author

Donald W. Jackson

Donald Jackson has been published in approximately 100 professional and home gardening publications including Harvard University's Arnoldia, the London Zoo┬┐s International Zoo Yearbook, American Nurseryman, and Nursery Management and Production.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Starting Out on the Right Foot: A Young Supervisors Guide to Success in The Green Industry
Chapter 2: Time Management: The Key to a Young Managers Success
Chapter 3: Motivating Yourself and Your Staff: Essential to Surviving in the Horticulture Profession
Chapter 4: Decision-Making: Make or Break Your Future with the Company
Chapter 5: The Importance of Communication: Effectively Relating to Those Around You
Chapter 6: At the Head of the Pack: Tips and Suggestions for Leadership in The Green Industry
Chapter 7: Delegating Authority: How to Get the Job Done as a Young Supervisor in Horticulture
Chapter 8: Survival in the Workplace: Guiding Young Supervisors to Look Before They Leap
Chapter 9: Effective Meetings: Making the Most Effective Use of Time Spent With Your Manager
Chapter 10: Planning in the Horticulture Workplace: How to be Most Effective in Your Position
Chapter 11: Dressing for Success: Looking Your Part in the Landscape, Nursery and Turf Care Industries
Chapter 12: Working Through Change: Developing as a Young Supervisor in the Horticulture Profession
Chapter 13: Hiring Staff in The Green Industry: Making the Right Choices
Chapter 14: Evaluating Staff Performance: Overseeing Others in the Workplace
Chapter 15: Forging a Career Path: How to Succeed Long Term in the Horticulture Profession