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Marketing Management, 5th Edition

  • Dawn Iacobucci
  • ISBN-10: 1337271128
  • ISBN-13: 9781337271127
  • 352 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2015
  • COPYRIGHT: 2018 Published
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About the Product

Provide a complete overview and the detailed material that your upper level undergraduate, first-year MBA and EMBA courses where students need to master core concepts in marketing management with Dawn Iacobucci’s MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 5E. Simply pair this proven book with cases, group work, and/or simulations to create a dynamic and engaging upper-level course. MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 5E reflects the vibrant and challenging environment facing today’s marketers. Engaging explanations, timely cases and memorable examples help readers understand how an increasingly competitive global marketplace and current changes in technology affect the marketing decisions that today’s managers must make.


  • “ANATOMY OF . . . FEATURE” HELPS ENSURE STUDENT UNDERSTANDING OF SPECIFIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES. This innovative learning feature explains the composition of key marketing management topics using detailed graphics to ensure that students comprehend each critical area within marketing management.

  • PROVEN CONTENT AND POWERFUL RESOURCES PROVIDE A SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE THAT IS SECOND TO NONE. This edition offers all of the timely content and time-saving instructor resources you expect in a leading supplement package, including PowerPoint® slides, an Instructor’s Manual, and a Test Bank powered by Cognero®.

  • TRADITIONAL CONCEPTS PROVIDE SOLID FOUNDATION IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT. Concise, yet thorough, MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 5E covers all of the core marketing management topics in 17 succinct chapters to equip advanced students with a solid foundation in marketing management.

  • HARVARD CASES OFFER THE BEST IN LEADING BUSINESS EXAMPLES AND USEFUL PRACTICE. Author Dr. Iacobucci has partnered with Harvard Business Publishing, Darden and Ivey to provide a complete set of teaching and learning materials that focus on cases that can be customized for this edition. These best-selling business cases from leading case providers, such as Harvard Business School Publishing, align at the chapter level to Iacobucci’s MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 5E for immediate, seamless use.

About the Author

Dawn Iacobucci

Dawn Iacobucci is the Bronson Ingram Professor of Marketing at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, where she has taught since 2007. She has been Senior Associate Dean at Vanderbilt (2008–2010) and Professor of Marketing at Kellogg (Northwestern University, 1987–2004), University of Arizona (2001–2002), and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania, 2004–2007). Dr. Iacobucci received her MS in statistics, her MA and PhD in quantitative psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her MTS from Garrett Theological Seminary. Dr. Iacobucci’s research focuses on modeling dyadic interactions and social networks, customer satisfaction and service quality, and multivariate and methodological research questions. She has published in the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Science, the Journal of Service Research, Psychometrika, Psychological Bulletin, and Social Networks.

Table of Contents

1. Why Is Marketing Management Important?
2. Customer Behavior.
3. Segmentation.
4. Targeting.
5. Positioning.
6. Products: Goods and Services.
7. Brands.
8. New Products and Innovation.
9. Pricing.
10. Channels of Distribution.
11. Advertising Messages and Marketing Communication.
12. Integrated Marketing Communication and Media Choices.
13. Social Media.
14. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relationships.
15. Marketing Research Tools.
16. Marketing Strategy.
17. Marketing Plans.

New to this edition

  • NEW MINI-CASES EMPHASIZE PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON APPLICATIONS OF THE CONCEPTS STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. Five new mini-cases added to this edition provide students with the opportunity to apply chapter concepts in the role of a decision maker.
  • SEVERAL NEW “ANATOMY OF…” FEATURES HIGHLIGHT TODAY’S MOST TIMELY TOPICS. Three new “Anatomy” features now help exemplify key marketing management concepts by putting them into visual practice.
  • NEW EXAMPLES DEMONSTRATE CHAPTER CONCEPTS AT WORK IN BUSINESS TODAY. Countless new and timely examples help connect each chapter’s concepts and themes to marketing and business in today’s real world.


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Instructor Supplements

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Student Supplements

MindTap Marketing, 1 term (6 months) Instant Access for Iacobucci's Marketing Management  (ISBN-10: 1337100307 | ISBN-13: 9781337100304)

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