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Electrical Transformers and Rotating Machines, 4th Edition

  • Stephen L. Herman
  • ISBN-10: 1305494814
  • ISBN-13: 9781305494817
  • 624 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2012, 2006, 1999
  • COPYRIGHT: 2017 Published
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About the Product

Written for students aspiring to become electricians, ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES, 4e delivers comprehensive coverage that reflects real-world practice. Completely up to date, it includes expansive coverage of magnetic measurements, exponential curves, control transformers, transformer nameplates, transformer sizing calculations, transformer installation, three-phase variable autotransformers, and more. The Fourth Edition is also completely up to date with changes from the NEC 2014 code. Offering the ideal blend of theory and practical applications, the text integrates hands-on experiments throughout, giving students firsthand experience putting chapter concepts into practice.


  • An excellent resource for anyone in the electrical trades, ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES, 4e delivers quick access to comprehensive information on single- and three-phase transformers, DC generators, and motors.

  • The text offers the ideal combination of theory and practical applications, providing valuable insight for readers interested in employment within the industrial electrical field.

  • Nine experiments integrated throughout the book give readers hands-on experience putting chapter theory and concepts into practice.

  • Offering ultimate flexibility, text units are divided into specific sections that permit the subject to be taught in any order the instructor chooses.

  • The text was written with the assumption that the student has knowledge of Ohm's law and basic electrical theory - enabling you to focus specifically on transformers and rotating machines.

About the Author

Stephen L. Herman

As a retired electrician and proficient instructor with more than 30 years of practical experience, Stephen L. Herman is known for his reader-friendly approach. A seasoned author, Mr. Herman has written leading books on electricity and mathematics that are popular with students and instructors alike. For two decades Mr. Herman served as lead instructor for the Electrical Technology Curriculum at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, where he received an Excellence in Education Award from the Halliburton Education Foundation. He also taught at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, for nine years and helped pioneer an electrical curriculum for Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. His additional publications include ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, ELECTRICITY AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC/R, INDUSTRIAL MOTOR CONTROLS, UNDERSTANDING MOTOR CONTROLS, ELECTRONICS FOR ELECTRICIANS, ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, DIRECT CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES, EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTRICITY FOR USE WITH LAB VOLT EQUIPMENT, THE COMPLETE LABORATORY MANUAL FOR ELECTRICITY, and PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICIANS.

Table of Contents

1. Magnetism.
2. Magnetic Induction.
3. Inductance in Alternating-Current Circuits.
4. Single-Phase Isolation Transformers.
5. Autotransformers.
6. Current Transformers.
7. Three-Phase Circuits.
8. Three-Phase Transformers.
9. Single-Phase Loads for Three-Phase Transformers.
10. Transformer Installation.
11. Transformer Cooling.
12. Transformer Maintenance.
13. Harmonics.
14. Direct Current Generators.
15. Direct Current Motors.
16. Alternators.
17. Three-Phase Motors.
18. Single-Phase Motors.
19. Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
20. Motor Nameplate Data.
21. Motor Installation.

New to this edition

  • Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest developments and practices from the field, including new information on transformer nameplates, transformer sizing calculations, three-phase variable autotransformers, and much more.
  • More comprehensive than ever, the Fourth Edition includes expanded coverage of magnetic measurements, exponential curves, control transformers, and transformer installation.
  • Includes updated changes to the 2014 NECĀ©.
  • Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest developments and practices from the field, ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS AND ROTATING MACHINES, 4e provides the most current and comprehensive coverage available. The text now includes extended coverage of magnetic measurements.
  • Additional explanations of exponential curves ensure students have a solid understanding of this key topic.
  • The Fourth Edition offers increased coverage of control transformers.
  • New information is included on transformer nameplates and transformer sizing calculations.
  • Expanded coverage of transformer installation has also been added.
  • Coverage of three-phase variable autotransformers is now included.
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