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Alice 3 in Action: Computing Through Animation, 1st Edition

  • Joel Adams
  • ISBN-10: 1133589227
  • ISBN-13: 9781133589228
  • 280 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2007
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Product

Bring the excitement and action of computer programming to your students from the very first day with this dynamic addition to your course - ALICE 3 IN ACTION: COMPUTING THROUGH ANIMATION, 2E by Joel Adams. This brief six-chapter supplementary book uses Alice - the popular 3D virtual reality computer programming system for teaching that reduces the syntax and eliminates many of the common barriers to programming success. Alice and ALICE 3 IN ACTION: COMPUTING THROUGH ANIMATION, 2E make programming both simple and fun. Even beginning students instantly see the possibilities and rewarding results of programming, which is the first step in encouraging further study in this exciting field!


  • FLEXIBLE FOR USE IN ANY INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMMING COURSE. This supplementary text can enhance your instruction and work effectively within today’s introductory programming course.

  • SIX-CHAPTER PRESENTATION INTRODUCES PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTS USING ALICE. This book uses Alice, today’s popular tool that teaches programming techniques in a visually rich environment that’s less syntax-intensive to eliminate many of the barriers to programming success. Students review the fundamentals of programming in six chapters as they cover objects, methods, variables, control structures, array and lists, and events.

  • CAPTIVATING EXAMPLES, VISUALS AND PROJECTS REINFORCE SKILLS. Extensive examples, fascinating images, and intriguing end-of-chapter projects help emphasize programming skills and strength your students’ mastery of programming basics. Special projects allow you to assess their comprehension.

  • APPROACH ENSURES POSITIVE FIRST PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE. This supplementary book helps you create a dynamic and exciting first exposure to computer programming while ensuring students clearly grasp object-oriented concepts.

  • FUN, THREE-DIMENSIONAL ANIMATIONS KEEP STUDENTS MOTIVATED AND INVOLVED. This high-energy, animated approach is ideal for today's visually oriented students.

About the Author

Joel Adams

Joel Adams, a Professor of Computer Science at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has taught undergraduate computer science since 1984. He spends each July directing the Imaginary Worlds Camp, an animation camp for middle and high school students. Professor Adams is an ACM Distinguished Educator and a two-time Fulbright Scholar; he spent the Fall 2005 semester at Carnegie Mellon as a member of the Alice team.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started with Alice.
2. Methods.
3. Variables and Expressions.
4. Flow Control.
5. Arrays.
6. Events
Appendix A. Alice Standard Methods and Functions.
Appendix B. Recursion.
Appendix C. NetBeans.

New to this edition

  • More than 200 new illustrations demonstrate how to use Alice 3’s new integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Examples throughout the book are based on Alice 3’s professionally created Sims™ models, donated by Electronic Arts.
  • Several new animation examples, including aerobics exercises and a “penguin party,” add to the book’s appeal.
  • A book-length project shows students how to create and develop a complete project from start to finish.
  • Features full coverage of Alice 3 object-oriented features, including classes, class hierarchies, and inheritance.