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HOW 14: A Handbook for Office Professionals, Spiral bound Version, 14th Edition

  • James L. Clark
  • Lyn R. Clark
  • ISBN-10: 1305586964
  • ISBN-13: 9781305586963
  • 608 Pages | Spiralbound
  • Previous Editions: 2014, 2010, 2007
  • COPYRIGHT: 2017 Published
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About the Product

Teach current and future professionals the business communication skills they need for success with HOW 14: A HANDBOOK FOR OFFICE PROFESSIONALS. Since 1975, HOW and its subsequent editions have been recognized as the leading reference source for business writers, office personnel, and students. Each new edition addresses the most recent changes in today’s language and the latest developments in the business environment. This easy-to-understand reference manual is invaluable for any professional in organizational operations. HOW 14 offers detailed and precise direction for writing, formatting, and transmitting effective communications as well as effectively utilizing social media. Unlike other reference books, HOW 14 is specifically designed to serve as a convenient resource and learning guide for writing style, grammar, mechanics, and modern technologies in today’s business or office environment. This book is ideal as a stand-alone reference or as a supplement in your course.


  • UPDATED RESOURCE MATERIALS PROVIDE CONVENIENT SUPPORT. You will find a wealth of helpful resources and time-saving tools available and password-protected through this edition’s Instructor Resource Center.

  • ACCOMPANYING WORKBOOK PROVIDES EXERCISES TO REINFORCE KEY PRINCIPLES. Now expanded, this helpful workbook offers realistic learning applications that coordinate to various chapters in HOW 14. Limited solutions for the exercises appear at the end of the workbook for students to check their work. Complete solutions appear in the Instructor’s Manual.

  • WEALTH OF EXAMPLES ILLUSTRATE EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. Students find a helpful descriptions and examples of business letters, memorandums, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, news releases, and itinerary formats. Additional examples of listings, charts, footnotes, tables, and other content guides' students in creating strong business documents.

  • HOW 14 DESCRIBES THE LATEST INTERNET ACCESS OPTIONS. This edition presents timely information on e-mail, search sites and procedures. Readers learn how to evaluate Web sites and locate valuable resources on the Web. This edition also presents up-to-date URLs of career centers on the Web. Readers will find expanded, contemporary discussions of Web 2.0 technologies, including blogs, social networking, and cloud computing. You can ensure your students are well-versed on the continual advancements (or declines) in the latest modes of communication.

  • HELPFUL INFORMATION AND INSIGHTS ASSIST READERS IN PREPARING TOOLS AND DOCUMENTS FOR THE JOB SEARCH. Readers find key information and guidelines for creating traditional résumés, scannable résumés, online (ASCII) résumés, application letters, reference-request letters, and follow-up letters. Students acquire the skills to develop all necessary documents for the job-seeking process.

  • HOW 14 DESIGN RETAINS THE POPULAR RED-AND-BLACK TEXT FORMAT. The back cover lists all chapter content while helpful side tabs lead users to the appropriate chapter. The Solution Finder at the beginning of each chapter helps the reader quickly and easily locate main topics in each chapter and swiftly find answers for which they are searching. These features and the book’s comprehensive index make HOW 14 the easiest-to-use reference book on the market.

About the Author

James L. Clark

Mr. James Clark earned a BS and an MS degree from the University of Southern California. He was a professor of business at Pasadena City College for 11 years and subsequently served as dean of the Business Division for 17 years. Before joining the Pasadena City College staff, Mr. Clark was an assistant professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and a teacher at Burbank and La Puente High Schools. He also taught part-time in the extension programs at UCLA and USC. He has held memberships and offices in professional organizations, such as the California Business Education Association, the National Business Education Association, Delta Pi Epsilon, and The Association for Business Communication. Mr. Clark has conducted a number of communication seminars for the Culinary Union, the American Right of Way Association, Caltrans, the Canadian Right of Way Association, the Los Angeles Executive Training Program, and several large legal firms. He also has authored several articles on business communication. In addition to this prominent book, he has co-authored POWER: PROFESSIONAL WRITER’S ELECTRONIC RESOURCE, published by Cengage South-Western. He has author many other successful texts, including CLARKS’ ONLINE REFERENCE MANUAL (South-Western College Publishing); A HANDBOOK FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS (Wadsworth Publishing Company); LANGUAGE AND WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill); UNIVERSAL TRANSCRIPTION (PWS-KENT Publishing Company); and COLLEGE BUSINESS MACHINES (Gregg/McGraw-Hill).

Lyn R. Clark

Dr. Lyn Clark is currently a professor of business in the Computer Applications and Office Technologies Department at Los Angeles Pierce College, where she has been serving as department chair since 2001. She is also chair of the Pierce College Council, the college’s shared governance committee, and has served as first vice president of the Academic Senate. Notable college recognitions include the Professor of the Month Award and the Pierce College Foundation American Spirit Award. Dr. Clark earned her BS, MA, and EdD degrees from UCLA. Besides holding memberships in Delta Pi Epsilon, the National Business Education Association, the California Business Education Association, Theta Alpha Delta, and The Association for Business Communication, Dr. Clark has held a series of offices in several of these professional organizations. She also served as community college program director for two NBEA conventions and program chair or co-chair for three CBEA conferences. Dr. Clark has conducted numerous workshops nationwide on methods of teaching business English and communication, computer applications, and voice input. In addition to this successful text, she has written articles for numerous business education periodicals and is the author or coauthor of six business texts: BUSINESS ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION, LANGUAGE AND WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS, and VOICE RECOGNITION WITH SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS, published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill; UNIVERSAL TRANSCRIPTION, published by PWS-KENT Publishing Company; and A HANDBOOK FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS, published by Wadsworth Publishing Company. She is also the co-author of CLARKS’ ONLINE REFERENCE MANUAL and PoWER: PROFESSIONAL WRITER’S ELECTRONIC RESOURCE (South-Western College Publishing).

Table of Contents

1. Grammar and Usage.
2. Punctuation.
3. Capitalization.
4. Number Formats.
5. Hyphenating and Dividing Words.
6. Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols.
7. Words Often Confused and Misused.
8. Elements of Writing Style.
9. Spelling, Proofreading, and Editing.
10. Address Format and Forms of Address.
11. E-Mail Messages, Business Letters, and Memorandums.
12. Reports and Other Business Documents.
13. Employment Application Documents.
14. The Internet and Its Resources.
15. Manual and Electronic File Management.
Glossary of Terms Used in HOW 14.

New to this edition

  • HOW 14 COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE MANUAL REFLECTS THE LATEST LANGUAGE, BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY CHANGES. Your students can use this edition with the confidence that it addresses all of the latest updates on language principles, document formats, Internet resources, and technological advances.
  • UPDATED SPELLING REFERENCES ENSURE CORRECT USE AND SPELLING. All spelling throughout HOW 14 is updated to correspond with the latest the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.
  • THOROUGHLY UPDATED EXAMPLES REFLECT THE MOST RECENT CHANGES IN BUSINESS. Timely, memorable examples throughout this edition depict concepts and office skills in action for today’s readers.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

Companion Website  (ISBN-10: 1305586980 | ISBN-13: 9781305586987)

Visit the HOW 14 support site for password-protected, downloadable instructor’s materials, such as the Instructor’s Manual and updated PowerPoint® slides.

Workbook  (ISBN-10: 1305586972 | ISBN-13: 9781305586970)

The workbook for HOW 14 provides reinforcement for the major principles contained in the reference manual. This expanded supplement contains exercises that are coordinated specifically with sections in HOW 14 and are designed to provide students with realistic learning applications, not just isolated sentence exercises.

Student Supplements

Workbook  (ISBN-10: 1305586972 | ISBN-13: 9781305586970)

The workbook for HOW 14 reinforces the major principles contained in the reference manual. This expanded supplement contains exercises that are coordinated specifically with sections in HOW 14 and are designed to provide you with realistic learning applications rather than isolated sentence exercises.