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Delmar Learning’s Clinical Handbook for the Medical Office, Spiral bound Version, 3rd Edition

  • Michelle Heller, CMA (AAMA), RMA
  • ISBN-10: 1133691560
  • ISBN-13: 9781133691563
  • 408 Pages | Spiralbound
  • Previous Editions: 2004, 1997
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

Delmar s CLINICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE MEDICAL OFFICE, 3rd Edition explores the medical assisting duties performed in offices and clinical settings today. Organized in a chart format for quick reference and easy reading, the book covers documentation, terms and abbreviations, telephone assessments, lab and x-ray procedures, commonly prescribed drugs, and much more. This ideal reference for anyone in ambulatory care also includes sections on OB-GYN and pediatric screening and procedures to prepare learners for these specialized settings, while an all-new, coordinating pocket guide equips medical assistants on the move.


  • Assessment Tools: Handy in-office and telephone assessment charts teach readers what to ask patients with medical complaints.

  • Documentation Examples: Clear examples show learners how to document chief complaints and the history of the illness, as well as the proper way to use a triage manual.

  • Procedure Charts: Detailed clinical charts provide quick facts and trouble-shooting tips, along with step-by-step medical assisting procedures.

  • Medications Reference: Commonly prescribed and over-the-counter drug tables provide correct spellings for error-free charting and patient care.

  • "Hugs in the Hallway" Stories: These real-life stories center on the medical office today, and illustrate the importance of showing compassion to all patients.

About the Author

Michelle Heller, CMA (AAMA), RMA

Currently a faculty member at Columbus State Community College, Michelle Heller has worked in health care and health care education for the past 30 years. She has received a variety of “Outstanding Teacher” awards from institutions in which she has taught, as well as the Ohio Council of Private Career Schools and Colleges. A frequent presenter and the author of multiple textbooks, Heller has served as both director of education and director of the Medical Assisting Program for the Ohio Institute of Health Careers. She also serves on the ABHES Medical Assisting programmatic accreditation committee.

Table of Contents

1. Abbreviations, Symbols, and Commonly Misspelled Terms.
2. Documentation Basics and Conducting In-Office Screenings.
3. Telephone Screenings.
4. Common Procedures in General Practice.
5. Pediatric Screenings and Procedures.
6. OB-GYN Screenings and Procedures.
7. Pharmacology References and Procedures.
8. Laboratory References and Procedures.
9. X-Ray and Diagnostic Examinations (Prep).
10. Emergency Procedures.
11. Hugs in the Hallway.

New to this edition

  • Quick-Reference Format: Tabbed by section and color-coded with washable pages, the 3rd Edition of Delmar Learning's CLINICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE MEDICAL OFFICE has been redesigned for fast, flexible use.
  • Expanded Topics: More procedures covered throughout the handbook include current Joint Commissions abbreviations, electronic medical record references, expanded figures, and full-color photography.
  • Companion Websites: Streamline your preparation with the planning, teaching, testing, and grading tools on this book-coordinated website. Students can also access hands-on learning features and tools for better results in your course.
  • Expanded Feature: "Hugs in the Hallway" includes new, real-world stories about effective, compassionate care giving—along with extra stories posted to the companion website!