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Astronomy: At Play in the Cosmos Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, Smartwork5, Video Game, and Interactive Simulations, 2nd Edition

  • Adam Frank
  • ISBN-10: 0393673995
  • ISBN-13: 9780393673999
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

Teach the process of science through the excitement of discovery The Second Edition of Adam Frank’s groundbreaking book supports the mission of helping students become scientifically educated citizens. He shows students that the process of science is a human endeavor by introducing them, via interviews, to scientists from across the field. New Anatomy of a Discovery features help students visualize the excitement of discovery while Interactive Simulations ask students to engage in the scientific method by making observations, manipulating variables, and answering questions. The accompanying award-winning videogame then asks students to apply what they’ve learned in a fun yet meaningful way.


  • Increase scientific literacy with a blend of science and story. Adam Frank has used his experience as a science writer and blogger to pique students’ interest and increase their enthusiasm in astronomy with the perfect blend of science and story. He has woven quotes, via his interviews with a diverse group of scientists, throughout each chapter so students can experience the excitement of discovery and the human nature of science. The Second Edition includes five new scientists, including Crystal Brogan and Miki Nakajima, who help Adam share the wonder of the cosmos.

  • Students engage with and participate in the process of science. It is important for students to understand and participate in the process of science, and the text and online resources help facilitate this goal. New Anatomy of a Discovery features help students visualize the excitement of discovery with a focus on the people who made the discovery, such as how planetary systems form. Nearly fifty Interactive Simulations—also assignable as Smarwork5 questions—allow students to grasp and visualize important physical concepts. New questions embedded the text help students assess their own understanding.

  • Build skills with an educational videogame and interactive assessment. Our award-winning At Play in the Cosmos: The Videogame lets students experience the excitement of discovery and use the process of science in a fun and engaging way. Each mission, such as finding a habitable exoplanet, asks students to use their understanding of physical concepts and apply their knowledge. Student progress is reported to a gradebook and new game-based questions are included Smartwork5, so instructors can make the videogame part of the students’ grade. Smartwork5 online homework facilitates learning with interactive, book-specific questions and problems that include rich, answer-specific feedback and hints that help students work through concepts. Instructors can assess student progress at each step of the process.

  • Flexible text and media options support instructor course goals. Delivering unmatched value, each copy of the text provides access to Smartwork5, the ebook, Interactive Simulations, and the videogame. The Learning Astronomy by Doing Astronomy workbook (available at no additional cost) helps instructors flip the classroom with interactive activities for lecture. Observational assignments in The Norton Starry Night Workbook (+ $10 when packaged) support the included planetarium software and help students understand why the night sky looks the way it does.

  • Instructor support tools to enhance lecture At Play in the Cosmos is accompanied by a wealth of instructor support material. The new Interactive Instructor’s Guide has all the resources in one place, making course prep easy. It contains tips for using the Interactive Simulations in class as well as PowerPoint slides in a searchable and sortable format for easy lecture prep. PowerPoint Update Slides, released quarterly, are topical mini-lectures covering current events and breaking research that can be integrated in the main PowerPoint lecture slides.

Table of Contents

Part I: Bedrock
Chapter 1: Introduction: A Very Human Universe 
Chapter 2: A Universe Discovered: Early Astronomy 
Chapter 3: Cosmic Laws Part I: Matter and Motion 
Chapter 4: Cosmic Laws Part II: Light and Matter 

Part II: Planets Near and Far
Chapter 5: The Architecture and Birth of Solar Systems 
Chapter 6: Home Base: The Earth and Moon 
Chapter 7: Sibling Worlds: The Inner Solar System 
Chapter 8: Gas, Ice, and Stone: The Outer Solar System 
Chapter 9: Life, the Search for Life, and Planets 

Part III: A Galaxy of Stars 
Chapter 10: The Sun as a Star 
Chapter 11: Measuring the Stars: The Main Sequence and its Meaning 
Chapter 12: Nursery of the Stars: The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation 
Chapter 13: To the Graveyard of the Stars: Stellar Death 
Chapter 14: Into the Funhouse: Black Holes 

Part IV: A Universe of Galaxies 
Chapter 15: Our City of Stars: Anatomy of the Milky Way 
Chapter 16: The Galactic Zoo: Galaxies Near and Far 
Chapter 17: Cosmic Foam: Large Scale Structure of the Universe 
Chapter 18: The Birth and Death of Everything: Cosmology