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Race in America Loose Leaf + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, InQuizitive, and Videos, 1st Edition

  • Matthew Desmond
  • ISBN-10: 0393419525
  • ISBN-13: 9780393419528
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

Equip your students to engage with the most urgent issues of our time. With a groundbreaking intersectional approach framed around social spheres, Race in America gives students the tools to think critically about race, racism, and white privilege. In this thoroughly updated Second Edition, students will find relevant examples drawn from the headlines and their own experiences. New features in the text and online help students see the “big picture”—and how they can participate in the fight for racial equality.


  • A twenty-first century approach to understanding race relations Race in America breaks from tradition with its coverage of race and racism in the United States. Instead of proceeding, chapter-by-chapter, from one racial or ethnic group to the next—which only naturalizes very unnatural racial divisions—Race in America analyzes race relations across American social life. With chapters framed around topics such as education, politics, or crime, the book closely examines intersections of race, class, and gender as well as the privileges of whiteness. Our instructor presentation and assessment tools make this innovative approach easy to implement in traditional or online classrooms.

  • Seeing the “big picture” lays the foundation for critical thinking. Retaining and synthesizing the information in a course on race relations can be challenging. Now with new bolded key terms, and a narrative that has been streamlined by about 10%, Race in America is more student-friendly than ever. With InQuizitive and end-of-chapter “Big Picture” concept maps, Race in America helps students stay focused on the core concepts—and enables them to participate in critical classroom discussions on sensitive issues.

  • Flexible, low-cost options for any course Norton is committed to making its books accessible to all students by adopting ethical pricing practices. We recognize that every course is different, so we offer Race in America in a variety of affordable formats, including an ebook, loose leaf, and yes—even paperback. Every format includes the ebook, InQuizitive, online activities and tutorials. A variety of free package options enrich your syllabus without increasing the cost.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Race in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 2: The Invention of Race
Chapter 3: Politics
Chapter 4: Economics
Chapter 5: Housing
Chapter 6: Crime and Punishment
Chapter 7: Education
Chapter 8: Aesthetics
Chapter 9: Associations
Chapter 10: Intimate Life
Chapter 11: Toward Racial Democracy

New to this edition

  • Current examples engage students in today’s urgent conversations surrounding race and racism. Each chapter has been updated to include examples from recent social movements, popular culture, and students’ everyday experiences, making the book a more helpful tool for navigating society’s critical conversations about race, racism, ethnicity, and white privilege. Throughout the book, the authors also feature updated scholarship and data figures, reflecting the most cutting-edge sociological research. The concluding Chapter 11, Toward Racial Democracy, helps students answer the question, “What can I do now?”