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Games of Strategy, 5th Edition

  • David McAdams
  • ISBN-10: 0393680843
  • ISBN-13: 9780393680843
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

Comprehensive, clear, and approachable, with clever real-world examples that motivate students Games of Strategy is beloved by students and instructors alike for its flexible organization, focus on problem-solving, and engaging and accessible examples from diverse fields, like political science, biology, and business. The completely revised Fifth Edition adds the work of David McAdams, especially in the areas of market design and auction theory, and provides new insights into diverse applications, such as billion-dollar buy-outs, job offer negotiation, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and collusion in the school milk market.


  • Relevant and relatable examples and cases engage students Games of Strategy, Fifth Edition, has the most engaging, student-oriented examples on the market. Students explore a variety of topics, such as how Congress and the Federal Reserve interact when setting fiscal and monetary policy, what we can learn from data gathered by Wimbeldon’s new ball tracking system “Hawkeye,” and side-blotched lizards in California. Students can also delve into issues concerning student life, such as grade inflation and why roommates wait for the other to buy the common items (soap, ketchup, etc.) and, therefore, why they always run out.

  • Reflects the latest research, especially insights in auction theory and market design The Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated to include examples of the latest research, highlighting new applications in business, medicine, and day-to-day interactions.

  • Revised problems that provide engaging assignments for student practice Games of Strategy helps students apply what they have learned to problems in the real world. This text has always had an engaging selection of problems for instructors to use, including some with solutions provided for students. The new edition continues with problems based on new applications.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Introduction and General Principles

1 Basic Ideas and Examples

2 How to Think About Strategic Games

PART TWO: Fundamental Concepts and Techniques

3 Games with Sequential Moves

4 Simultaneous-Move Games: Discrete Strategies

5 Simultaneous-Move Games: Continuous Strategies, Discussion and Evidence

6 Combining Sequential and Simultaneous Moves

7 Simultaneous-Move Games with Mixed Strategies

PART THREE: Some Broad Classes of Strategies and Games

8 Strategic Moves

9 Uncertainty and Information

10 The Prisoners’ Dilemma and Repeated Games

11 Collective-Action Games

12 Evolutionary Games

PART FOUR: Applications to Specific Strategic Situations

13 Brinkmanship: The Cuban Missile Crisis

14 Incentive Design

15 Auctions, Bidding Strategy, and Auction Design

16 Strategy and Voting

17 Bargaining