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Earth Science Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, Guided Learning Explorations, and Smartwork5, 2nd Edition

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  • ISBN-13: 9780393419740
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The best text for helping students see the world around them through a scientist’s eyes Whether hiking along a mountain trail, driving down a highway, or making a decision about their energy usage, instructors want their students to see and assess the physical world they live in with more informed eyes. Through the most contemporary and applied text; the most vibrant visuals; and the most hands-on learning resources, Earth Science, Second Edition gets students leaving the class with a richer understanding of the science behind the physical world around them, and why it matters in their everyday lives.


  • Give students a rich understanding of all parts of the Earth System—with visuals that both explain and illustrate Marshak/Rauber is the only text coauthored by a leading geologist and atmospheric scientist, authors of the bestselling introductory texts in their respective fields, assuring students get the most accurate and up-to-date explanations of concepts across the full scope of the course. Their signature step-by-step approach to the visuals gives students the clearest understanding of how the physical world around them works. With their narrative approach and patient explanations, Marshak/Rauber equips students to successfully interpret and describe the natural phenomena they observe around them.

  • “Putting Earth Science to Use” features connect concepts to students’ lives New “Putting Earth Science to Use” features connect the course concepts to practical applications in students’ lives. Topics include the debate about fracking (Chapter 11), how to interpret weather forecasts (Chapter 17), and how to salvage a beach day during rainy weather (Chapter 18). The Second Edition also introduces students to the science and societal impacts of recent events they’ll recognize from the news and the world around them. These events include the 2017 hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico; the 2018 volcanic eruption in Hawaii; and new data on climate change.

  • Hands-on learning tools get students doing Earth science in and out of class New Guided Learning Explorations (GLEs) are carefully scaffolded activities, graded for completion, that serve as virtual explorations. The GLEs cover 20 key topics and get students applying what they’ve learned to real-world sites. Smartwork5 activities, graded for correctness, pull the text, visuals, media clips, and Google-Earth based Geotours questions into a dynamic assessment experience. And every chapter in the text itself includes a “How Can I Explain?” feature that provides a fun, hands-on demonstration of a key Earth science concept that can be done in-class, or kept and used by education majors in their future teaching work.

  • A thoroughly streamlined text offers a more accessible and memorable reading experience In response to instructor feedback, the Second Edition has been substantively condensed to help students focus on the most important concepts in each chapter. And the winds (Chapter 18) and severe weather (Chapter 19) chapters have been completely revised to make it easier for students to assess increasingly intense weather systems.

Table of Contents

Prelude: Welcome to Earth Science!

Part I Our Dynamic Planet

Ch 1 From the Big Bang to the Blue Marble

Ch 2 The Way the Earth Works: Plate Tectonics

Ch 3 What Is the Earth Made Of? Introducing Minerals and the Nature of Rock

Ch 4 Volcanism and Igneous Rock

Ch 5 A Surface Veneer: Sedimentary Rocks

Ch 6 A Process of Change: Metamorphism and the Rock Cycle

Ch 7 Crags, Cracks, and Crumples: Mountain Building and Geologic Structures

Ch 8 A Violent Pulse: Earthquakes

Ch 9 Deep Time: How Old is Old?

Ch 10 A Biography of the Earth

Ch 11 Riches in Rock: Energy and Mineral Resources

Part II Ever-Changing Landscapes

Ch 12 Shaping the Earth’s Surface: Landscapes, the Hydrologc Cycle, and Mass Wasting

Ch 13 Freshwater: Streams and Groundwater

Ch 14 Extreme Realms: Desert and Glacial Realms

Part III Restless Seas

Ch 15 Ocean Waters: The Blue of the Blue Marble

Ch 16 Marine Geology: The Study of Ocean Basins and Coasts

Part IV A Blanket of Gas: The Earth's Atmosphere

Ch 17 The Air We Breathe: Introducing the Earth's Atmosphere

Ch 18 Winds of the World: Global and Local Wind Systems

Ch 19 Danger in the Air: Stormy Weather

Ch 20 Climate and Climate Change

Part V Our Solar System…and Beyond

Ch 21 Introducing: Looking Beyond the Earth

Ch 22 Our Neighborhood in Space: The Solar System

Ch 23 The Sun, The Stars, and Deep Space