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A Concertgoers Guide, 9th Edition

  • Christine Linial
  • ISBN-10: 1111347522
  • ISBN-13: 9781111347529
  • 96 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2011 Published
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About the Product

Students often struggle to engage with music that is often times foreign to them and subsequently communicate their experience in a written assignment. A CONCERTGOER'S GUIDE gives students a complete reference tool for successfully writing concert reviews and response papers.


  • The CONCERTGOER'S GUIDE will help students better communicate what they have heard at a concert. The guide includes tips for writing, sample concert reviews, and descriptions of concert etiquette for a wide variety of music performances--including symphony orchestra, pops orchestra, chamber groups, opera, world music, recitals, jazz ensembles, and rock concerts.

Table of Contents

Overall Physical Issues – Calendars, Tickets, Parking, Maps.
How to Prepare for the Concert Review: Before the Concert.
Program Notes and Pre-Concert Talks.
Musical Ensembles. Types of Musical Writing – Definitions and Checklists.
How to Take Notes.
After the Concert – The Rough Draft.
Essay-Writing Strategies.
The Draft.
Sample Reviews.
Sample Concert Programs.
Appendix: Opera Companies, Orchestras, and Festivals.
Annotated Bibliography.


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Instructor Supplements

Listening to Western Music  (ISBN-10: 1439083479 | ISBN-13: 9781439083475)

The brief volume of the first thirty-six chapters focuses on Western (or classical) music, which includes the first six parts of LISTENING TO MUSIC, Sixth Edition.

Instructor's Edition (with CD-ROM)  (ISBN-10: 0495571962 | ISBN-13: 9780495571964)

Student Supplements

Listening to Western Music  (ISBN-10: 1439083479 | ISBN-13: 9781439083475)

The only music appreciation text on the market to include listening exercises throughout the book, LISTENING TO WESTERN MUSIC, Sixth Edition, masterfully develops and refines your listening skills. Acclaimed for unparalleled clarity and accuracy, using Wright will help you study efficiently, do well on your tests and quizzes, and learn to enjoy many kinds of music. Wright covers traditional Western music from medieval to modern. Learning to listen critically is at the heart of a music appreciation course, and Wright gives you the tools to develop and sharpen your listening skills in three important ways: First, LISTENING TO WESTERN MUSIC is the only text to include detailed Listening Exercises throughout the book. These exercises, which ask questions just like the ones your instructor is likely to ask in quizzes, will help you focus on important musical elements and episodes and do well in the course. Second, a free "Introduction to Listening" CD is packaged with each copy of the text. This CD plays all of the music discussed in the music fundamentals chapters in Part I of the text to help you get a good start in the first few weeks of class. Third, interactive Active Listening Guides with listening quizzes and streaming music for most of the selections in the text are available on the Schirmer Cengage Learning premium website and multimedia eBook.