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Community Spanish For Law Enforcement Field Guide

  • Pablo P. Madera
  • Arthur Natella
  • ISBN-10: 0763741132
  • ISBN-13: 9780763741136
  • 0 Pages | Spiralbound
  • COPYRIGHT: 2007 Published
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About the Product

Spanish is rapidly becoming an unofficial second language in the United States. The Community Spanish for Law Enforcement Field Guide contains direct translations for the most common terms and phrases law enforcement officers may need on the street and features comprehensive, easy-to-follow dialogues for many common situations. Translations are organized by incident and crime type. Durable, water-resistant, and compact, this field guide is a convenient and ideal tool for officers who do not have formal language training and for those who need a readily accessible refresher. Spanish is spoken, to one degree or another, by more than 30 million Americans. As a law enforcement professional, chances are you will need to communicate with Spanish-speaking Americans on a regular basis. The Community Spanish for Law Enforcement Field Guide is the ideal tool for officers without formal language training or as a readily accessible refresher for those who speak some Spanish. This field guide presents the basics of Spanish grammar and pronunciation as it is spoken in Latino American communities today, followed by hundreds of translations for the most common words, phrases, and questions law enforcement officers use in the field. Rugged, waterproof, and writable, this field guide will be an essential resource to help you overcome language barriers to perform your job safely and effectively.


  • Provides translations for the most critical types of investigations, including homicide, rape, missing persons, robbery, and assault.

  • Chapter on traffic enforcement includes accident investigations, routine traffic stops, felony traffic stops, and OUI stops.

  • Easily referenced appendices include basic basic Spanish vocabulary; numbers, colors, units of time, and seasons; physical attack terms, miranda rights, and flashcards.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Tools and Techniques for Learning Community Spanish
Chapter 2: Homicide Investigation/Investigación de Homicidio
Chapter 3: Sexual Assault/Asalto Sexual
Chapter 4: Missing Persons/Las Persona Desaparecidas
Chapter 5: Crimes Against Property and Robbery Investigation/Crímenes contra la Propiedad e Investigación de Robo
Chapter 6: Assault Investigation/Investigación de Asalto
Chapter 7: Traffic Enforcement/Vigilancia del Tráfico
Chapter 8: Line (Suborindate Personnel) and Administrative Tasks/Tareas del Subordinado/Tareas Administrativas