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Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice, 8th Edition

  • Colin Renfrew
  • Paul Bahn
  • ISBN-10: 0500843201
  • ISBN-13: 9780500843208
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The Most-Trusted Archaeology Textbook, Now More Inclusive

Retaining its position as the most authoritative introduction to archaeology, written by renowned archaeologists Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn, this Eighth Edition of Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice is even more engaging, with greater coverage of indigenous archaeology and pioneering women in the discipline. Also new to this edition is InQuizitive for Archaeology, an easy-to-use adaptive learning tool that helps students master key concepts and come to class better prepared.


  • A contemporary and diverse look at archaeology Drawing on feedback from specialists such as TrowelBlazers (an organization that works to increase the visibility of women in archaeology), this Eighth Edition offers postcolonial critiques, more coverage on the history of women in archaeology, and an exploration of the role of indigenous and community archaeology in the discipline today, as well as new examples from Africa, Australia, North America, and East Asia.

  • Covers the most cutting-edge breakthroughs and significant discoveries in the field The Eighth Edition is updated with the latest scientific innovations in the discipline, such as studying ancient bacteria and ancient proteins. Students will engage with the incredible science used to reconstruct the past and will cover such new developments as the use of drones for aerial survey and the application of forensic archaeology in homicide investigations.

  • Re-designed, more accessible chapters for easier learning The book has been re-designed to look more open and student-friendly. Each chapter now begins with a one- or two-paragraph introduction that helps explain to the student why the chapter is important and how it relates to the wider questions in archaeology.

  • Unmatched suite of digital learning resources to engage students in new ways, including InQuizitive for Archaeology for the first time Students and instructors have access to a robust package of media resources, including InQuizitive, an award-winning adaptive learning tool that personalizes the learning experience for students and supports them in mastering key learning objectives. When used for pre-lecture assignments, the quiz will ensure that students engage with key topics and main methods of practice. For example, in the demo Chapter 11, students will answer questions on how archaeologists use DNA to understand the past. This will equip them to come to class prepared and ready for further discussion on the subject.