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An Invitation to Personal Change, 1st Edition

  • Dianne Hales
  • Kenneth W. Christian
  • ISBN-10: 0495390178
  • ISBN-13: 9780495390176
  • 160 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

AN INVITATION TO PERSONAL CHANGE is a unique three-part resource that can be used in a wide range of courses, including health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, health psychology, and college success. Unlike any other textbook, supplement, or manual, it not only talks about personal change, but based on decades of psychological research and clinical practice, it also serves as a curriculum for change, inviting students to take appropriate action in simple, compelling straightforward ways. Available in print and electronic form, the three parts are available together or separately.


  • Part I, "Invitation to Personal Change", is broken into two sections: three chapters dedicated to "The New Science of Personal Change" and nine chapters dedicated to "The Power Tools of Personal Change". The first section presents the fundamentals of personal change, including the latest insights from neuroscience, the stages of change, and basic principles of behavioral change. The "Power Tools" section provides assessments, inventories, goal-setting, and journaling exercises.

  • The text's "Real Change" vignettes use personal narratives to illustrate how students in diverse circumstances -- incoming freshmen, commuters, immigrants, older students, working students -- encounter common dilemmas and use personal change tools to analyze their situations, and make better choices and healthier changes.

  • "Class Activity" exercises allow students to share their ideas, look to each other for additional support, and work on making individual changes within the context of a positive and supportive classroom community.

  • Part 2, "Labs for Invitation to Personal Change", includes 25 self-paced, independent labs, each following psychologist James Prochaska's stages of change. The labs are broken into stages: "Get Real", "Get Ready", "Get Going", and "Lock It In". Students can use this four-part approach to create personal change maps.

  • Part 3, "Journal for Invitation to Personal Change", allows students to reflect and evaluate past, present, and future behaviors, and gain insight into their feelings. The "Journal" is a resource linked to the labs and makes it easy for students to track their progress through the stages of change.

About the Author

Dianne Hales

Dianne Hales is one of the most widely published and honored health writers in the country. Her bestselling textbooks include AN INVITATION TO HEALTH, AN INVITATION TO WELLNESS, and AN INVITATION TO PERSONAL CHANGE. Her most recent trade book is LA PASSIONE: HOW ITALY SEDUCED THE WORLD. Others include the award-winning compendium of mental health information CARING FOR THE MIND: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH; THINK THIN, BE THIN (with Doris Helmering); JUST LIKE A WOMAN: HOW GENDER SCIENCE IS REDEFINING WHAT MAKES US FEMALE; THE MIND-MOOD PILL BOOK; INTENSIVE CARING: NEW HOPE FOR HIGH RISK PREGNANCY (with Dr. Timothy Johnson); HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY; THE U.S. ARMY TOTAL FITNESS PROGRAM; NEW HOPE FOR PROBLEM PREGNANCIES; and THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SLEEP. The President of Italy named Hales a "Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella della Solidarietà Italiana" (Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity) in recognition of her bestselling book LA BELLA LINGUA as an "invaluable tool for promoting the Italian language." Her other writing awards include prizes from the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the National Women's Political Caucus, California Psychiatric Society, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Council for the Advancement of Scientific Education, and the New York City Public Library. Her latest general audience book is the biography MONA LISA: A LIFE DISCOVERED.

Kenneth W. Christian

Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Maximum Potential Project, an innovative research-based program designed to conquer underachievement. His trade book, YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY: BREAKING THE HABITS OF ADULT UNDERACHIEVEMENT, which has been translated and published in Brazil, the People's Republic of China, Russia, Croatia, and Poland, is based on his experience and findings. As co-founder and director for 23 years of the highly regarded Lafayette Therapy Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, he conducted systems interventions, family therapy, and extensive group and individual therapy using solution-focused psycho-educational methods. Dr. Christian has held faculty positions at the University of California at Davis and Lone Mountain College in San Francisco, where he served for six years as director of the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology. He has taught undergraduate courses in personality theory, social psychology, experimental psychology, and altered states of consciousness. He has extensive experience as a consultant in change management, leadership development, team-building, and performance optimization.

Table of Contents

1. Directing Change.
2. Personal Change 101.
3.The Story of You.
1. Your Personal GPS.
2. A Call for Order.
3. Time Control.
4. Learning the Language of Change.
5. Going for Your Goals.
6. Power Journaling.
7. Making Yourself Lucky.
8. Reaching Out.
9. Shock Absorption.
Lab 1: Choosing to Change, Choosing a Change.
Lab 2: The Grateful Thread.
Lab 3: Soul Food.
Lab 4: Your Personal Balance Point.
Lab 5: Defusing Test Stress.
Lab 6: Rx: Relax.
Lab 7: Do It Now.
Lab 8: Your Psychological Self-Care Pyramid.
Lab 9: Help Yourself.
Lab 10: Excise Exercise Excuses.
Lab 11: Mind over Platter.
Lab 12: Thinking Thinner.
Lab 13: Listen Up.
Lab 14: What's Your Intimacy Quotient?
Lab 15: To Have or Have Not.
Lab 16: Don't Go There.
Lab 17: Your Alcohol Audit.
Lab 18: Butt Out.
Lab 19: Taming a Toxic Temper.
Lab 20: Sleep Power.
Lab 21: The Seduction of Safer Sex.
Lab 22: Health Assurance.
Lab 23: Your Guardian Angel.
Lab 24: OurSpace.
Lab 25: Finity.