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Careers in Health, Physical Education, and Sports, 2nd Edition

  • Patricia A. Floyd
  • Beverly Allen
  • ISBN-10: 0495388394
  • ISBN-13: 9780495388395
  • 208 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2004
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

Unique to Cengage Learning, this informative supplement walks students through the process of exploring different health-related careers, offers advice on how to prepare for the transition into the working world, and gives valuable insight into different types of career paths, education requirements, and reasonable salary expectations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Choosing Your Career.
Key Concepts. Introduction. How Do I Plan for My Career? Who Am I? Assessing Your Personality. Assessing Your Values. Assessing Your Skills. Assessing Your Interests. Practical and Related Experiences. Goal Setting. What Are My Career Choices? Career Opportunities in Health . Career Opportunities in Physical Education. Career Opportunities in Sport . What Decisions Do I Need to Make? Summary . Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 1.1. Laboratory Activity 1.2. Laboratory Activity 1.3.
Chapter 2. Introduction to Careers in Health.
Key Concepts. Introduction. What Is Health Promotion and Health Education? What Is Community and Population Health? Teaching Careers in Health Education. Education and Practical Experience. Professional Competencies. AAHPERD/AAHE Standards for Health Education Programs. Certifications and Advanced Degrees. Non-Teaching Career Opportunities in Health. Healthcare Practitioner and Technical Occupations. Healthcare Support Occupations. The Future of Health Careers. Summary.
Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 2.1. Laboratory Activity 2.2.
Chapter 3. Introduction to Careers in Physical Education.
Key Concepts. Introduction. What Is Physical Education? Career Opportunities in Physical Education. Teaching Physical Education. Advantages and Disadvantages of Teaching. Education and Practical Experience. Professional Competencies. Initial Programs in Physical Education Outcomes.
Certification and Advanced Degrees. Teaching Careers in Physical Education.
PK-12 School Careers. Specialized PK-12 School Careers. Post-Secondary School Careers.
Non-School Settings. Non-Teaching Careers in Physical Education. Fitness/Health Careers. Recreation Careers. Therapy-Related Careers. Association/Organization Careers. The Future of Physical Education. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory 3.1. Laboratory 3.2.
Chapter 4. Introduction to Careers in Sport.
Key Concepts. Introduction. What is Sport? Career Opportunities in Sport. High School Sport Careers. College Sport Careers. Professional Sport Careers. Association/Organization Careers. Broadcasting & Media Sport Careers. Sport Events Careers. Sporting Goods Careers. Professional Services Sport Careers. The Future of Sport. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 4.1. Laboratory Activity 4.2. Laboratory Activity 4.3.
Chapter 5. Credentialing and Testing Requirements. Key Concepts. Introduction. Credentialing of Teachers. INTASC. Teacher Education Testing Requirements. Teacher Certifications. Non-Teaching Certifications. Health Education Certifications. Physical Education and Related Area Certifications.
Sport/Coaching Certifications. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 5.1. Laboratory Activity 5.2.
Chapter 6. Writing Your Resume.
Key Concepts. Introduction. Resume Writing. Research the School/Organization. Research the Position. Research Yourself. Cover Letters. Types of Resumes. Chronological Resume. Functional or Skills Resume. Chronological/Functional Resume. Resume Content. General Guidelines for Resumes. Keyword Skills.
Scanner-Friendly Resume. Sending Resumes by E-mail. International Resumes. Avoiding the Dangers in Resume Writing. When to Update Your Resume. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 6.1. Laboratory Activity 6.2.
Chapter 7. Presenting a Positive Image.
Key Concepts. Introduction. Types of Interviews. Information/Networking Interview. Screening Interview. One-on-One Interview. Search-and-Screen/Series Interview. Panel Interview. Peer Group Interview. Luncheon Interview. Videoconference Interview. Second Interview. Decision/Hiring/Placement Interview. Employer Expectations. Basic Phases of an Interview. Three Steps to Answering Problem Questions. Top Twelve Interview Questions. Seven Steps to Effective Preparation. Declining an Offer. Interviewing After a Job Loss. Communication Skills. Verbal Skills. Nonverbal Skills. Listening Skills. Illegal Questions. 10 Tips for a Positive Interview. Evaluating a Job Offer. Relocation Factors. Seal the Deal. Dress for Success. Appropriate Dress for Men. Appropriate Dress for Women. Hair, Teeth and Fingernails. Tattoos and Body Piercings. Ethnocentric Look. Casual Dress. Accessories. Dress Codes. Dressing for the New Job. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 7.1. Laboratory Activity 7.2.
Chapter 8. Marketing Yourself: Job Search Strategies and the Application Process.
Key Concepts. Introduction. Your Job-Search Strategy. Where to Look.. Newspapers. Periodicals. Internet. Educational Institutions. Additional Places. Networking. Contacting Prospective Employers. U.S. Mail. E-mail. Fax. Applying for the Position. Tips for Submitting an Application for Employment. Job Search Letters. Tips for Letter Writing and Job-Search Correspondence. Seven Basic Types of Letters. References Available Upon Request. Rejection by Prospective Employer. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 8.1. Laboratory Activity 8.2.
Chapter 9. Beginning Your Career.
Key Concepts. Introduction. The Critical First Year. Entering a New Organization. Professionalism. Professional Behavior. Lifelong Learning. Involvement in the Profession. Office Dynamics. Office Politics and the Grapevine. Sharing Personal Business. Office Romance. Be Yourself. Develop an Exit Plan. Summary. Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 9.1. Laboratory Activity 9.2.
Chapter 10. Legal Issues.
Key Concepts. Introduction. Discrimination and Harassment Issues. Age. Ethnicity. Religion. Gender. Disability. Sexual Orientation. National Origin. Sexual Harassment. Family and Medical Leave Act. Health and Safety. Illegal Reasons for Firing Employees. Discrimination. Retaliation. Lie Detector Test. Alien Status. OSHA Violation Complaint. Violations of Public Policy. Guidelines for Handling Discrimination and Harassment Complaints. Workplace Diversity. Equal Employment Opportunity. Affirmative Action.
Intercultural Communication. Interview Questions. Summary/Reflections. Web Sites. Bibliography. Laboratory Activity 10.1. Laboratory Activity 10.2.