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Strickberger's Evolution, 5th Edition

  • Brian K. Hall
  • Benedikt Hallgrimsson
  • ISBN-10: 1449691927
  • ISBN-13: 9781449691929
  • 0 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Now with a new full color design and art program, the Fifth Edition of Strickberger's Evolution is updated with the latest data and updates from the field. The authors took care to carefully modify the chapter order in an effort to provide a more clear and student-friendly presentation of course material. The original scope and theme of this popular text remains, as it continues to present an overview of prevailing evidence and theories about evolution by discussing how the world and its organisms arose and changed over time. New boxed features concentrating on modern and exciting research in the field are included throughout the text.


  • New Full color design and art program

  • A reorganized chapter order provides a more clear and accessible presentation of course material.

  • Chapters on the evolution of biodiversity are now found on the text's website.

  • Access to the companion website is included with every new copy of the text.

  • New boxed features highlight new and exciting research in the field.

Table of Contents

Part One: Evolution and Species
Chapter 1: Intellectual Origins of the Theory of Biological Evolution
Chapter 2: Species and Their Relationships
Chapter 3: Similarity and Patterns of Evolution

Part Two: The First Ten Billion years: 13.7-3.7 Bya
Chapter 4: Universe and Earth Arise
Chapter 5: The Atmosphere, Rocks, and Continents

Part Three: From Molecules to Organisms: 3.7–1.5 Bya
Chapter 6: Origin of the Molecules of Life
Chapter 7: Molecules, Membranes and Protocells
Chapter 8: The First Cells and Organisms Arose 3.5 Bya
Chapter 9: Eukaryotic Organelles, Genes and Organisms Arose 1.8 Bya

Part Four: Theories of Evolution and Heredity
Chapter 10: Voyages of Discovery, Natural Selection and Evolution
Chapter 11: The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
Chapter 12: Mendel, Inheritance and a Theory of Heredity
Chapter 13: Genes, Environment and Inheritance

Part Five: Natural Selection in Action
Chapter 14: Types of Natural Selection
Chapter 15: Natural Selection, Phenotypes and Genotypes

Part Six: Sources of Variation in Individuals and in Populations
Chapter 16: Chromosomes and Genomes as Sources of Individual Variation
Chapter 17: Mutations and Gene Regulation as Sources of Individual Variation
Chapter 18: Genetic Variation in Populations
Chapter 19: Demes, Gene Flow and Genetic Drift

Part Seven: Populations, Speciation and Extinctions
Chapter 20: Competition, Predation and Population Biology
Chapter 21: Coevolution
Chapter 22: Phenotypic Plasticity and Sympatric Speciation
Chapter 23: Allopatric Speciation and Hybridization
Chapter 24: Mass Extinctions, Opportunities and Adaptive Radiations

Part Eight: Human Origins, Evolution, and Influence
Chapter 25: Human Origins
Chapter 26: Cultural and Social Evolution
Chapter 27: Human Influences on Evolution
Chapter 28: Culture, Religion, and Evolution

New to this edition

  • Maintains the student-friendly engaging writing-style for which it is known