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Multilevel Modelling, 1st Edition

  • Anders Skrondal
  • Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
  • ISBN-10: 1847872735
  • ISBN-13: 9781847872739
  • 0 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

Data collected in the social sciences often have a multilevel or clustered structure. From this we often have research questions that are of a multilevel nature, and multilevel modeling is now widely used across health, economics, demography, education, and many other areas to analyze data clustered within units at higher levels. The editors of this essential four-volume set are among the leading figures of multilevel modeling, an approach which is at once cutting-edge and well established within research methods and the social sciences.

Table of Contents

Multilevel Analysis - Tom A.B. Snijders
New Statistical Methods for Analyzing Social Structures: An introduction to multilevel models - Lindsay Paterson and Harvey Goldstein
Modeling Multilevel Data Structures - Marco Steenbergen and Bardford Jones
Context, Composition and Heterogeneity: Using multilevel models in health research - Craig Duncan, Kelwyn Jones and Graham Moon
Statistical and Substantive Inferences in Public Health: Issues in the application of multilevel models - Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer and Stephen W. Raudenbush
A Glossary for Multilevel Analysis - A.V. Diez Roux
Models for Longitudinal and Panel Data
Application of Hierarchical Linear Models to Assessing Change - Anthony S. Bryk and Stephen W. Raudenbush
The Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Development and Psychopathology in Context: Statistical models and methodological recommendations - John B. Willett, Judith D. Singer and Nina C. Martin
Panel Models in Sociological Research: Theory into practice - Charles N. Halaby
The Multilevel Approach to Repeated Measures for Complete and Incomplete Data - Cora J.M. Maas and Tom A.B. Snijders
Multilevel and Related Models for Longitudinal Data - Anders Skrondal and Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
Multilevel Models for Longitudinal Data - Fiona Steele
Higher-level Models
The Analysis of Longitudinal, Multilevel Data - Stephen W. Raudenbush
Big-Fish-Little-Pond Effect on Academic Self-concept - Herbert W. Marsh and Kit-Tai Hau
Between Versus Within Effects, Mean Centering, and Endogeneity
Separation of Individual-level and Cluster-level Covariate Effects in Regression Analysis of Correlated Data - Melissa D. Begg and Michael K. Parides
Causes, Problems and Benefits of Different Between and Within Effects in the Analysis of Clustered Data - Mari Palta and Chris Seplaki
Regressor and Random-effect Dependencies in Multilevel Models - Peter Ebbes, Ulf Böckenholt and Michel Wedel
Variance Explained
Modeled Variance in Two-level Models - Tom A.B. Snijders and Roel J. Bosker
Bayesian Measures of Explained Variance and Pooling in Multilevel (Hierarchical) Models - Andrew Gelman and Iain Pardoe
Parameter Estimation
Estimation Procedures for Hierarchical Linear Models - H. Swaminathan and H.J. Rogers
Introduction to Multilevel Analysis - Jan de Leeuw and Erik Meijer
Assigning Values to Random Effects
Assigning Values to the Random Intercepts - Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal
That BLUP is a Good Thing: The estimation of random effects - G.K. Robinson
Model Diagnostics and Robustness
Outliers in Multilevel Data - Ian H. Langford and Toby Lewis
Diagnostic Checks for Multilevel Models - Tom A.B. Snijders and Johannes Berkhof
The Effect o