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Managing Your Personal Finances, 7th Edition

  • Joan S. Ryan
  • Christie Ryan
  • ISBN-10: 1305076818
  • ISBN-13: 9781305076815
  • 720 Pages | Hardcover
  • Previous Editions: 2010, 2006, 2002
  • COPYRIGHT: 2016 Published
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About the Product

While focusing on the student's role as citizen, student, family member, consumer, and active participant in the business world, MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES 7E informs students of their various financial responsibilities. This comprehensive text provides opportunities for self-awareness, expression, and satisfaction in a highly technical and competitive society. Students discover new ways to maximize their earning potential, develop strategies for managing their resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit, and gain insight into the different ways of investing money. Written specifically for high school students, special sections in each chapter hold student interest by focusing on current trends and issues consumers face in the marketplace.


  • Enhanced Website: Free product website is improved with additional Internet-related activities in the text, including a new Guided Decision Making journal activity at the end of each chapter.

  • Updated Content: Information about social media, health care, online banking, and identity theft is updated and current.

  • A profile of a real person at the end of each unit describes how he or she has applied the skills presented in this text to his or her own life.

  • National Standards: Aligned with the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy's National Standards as well as National Business Education Association standards for Personal Finance.

  • Real-World Connections: An abundance of real-life examples makes the information more relevant and interesting for students.


"I feel that the book covers ALL necessary materials that I currently try to cover and it does it, not only by having them read, but by prompting them to think critically, as well as having them look at all viewpoints when making a decision."
— Lawrence Sakalas, Southgate Anderson High School, Southgate, MI

About the Author

Joan S. Ryan

Joan Ryan, M.B.A., Ph.D., C.M.A., has taught personal finance for over 20 years. She began at Willamette High School in Eugene, Oregon, where this textbook was initially developed and tested. After four years there, she taught in the business department at Lane Community College (also in Eugene) for 12 years. After eight years at Clackamas Community College, she was department chair for the next six years. Then she resumed teaching accounting, personal finance, and business law, retiring from full-time teaching in 2014. She also is a C.M.A. (certified management accountant), a state-certified mediator, and adjunct faculty at Clackamas Community College and Portland State University in the graduate Masters in International Management program.

Christie Ryan

Christie Ryan, B.A., M.A., LMHC. As a licensed mental health counselor, she works with troubled and disadvantaged youth and their families, teaching budgeting and money management skills. She has also taught student success skills and psychology courses at Highline Community College and Tacoma Community College. She holds an Educational Staff Associate certificate in school counseling and has also worked as a case manager for Southwest Washington Aging and Disability Services.

Table of Contents

1. Careers in the Digital Age.
2. Pay, Benefits, and Work.
3. Income Tax.
4. Budgets and Records.
5. Checking and Banking.
6. Saving for the Future.
7. Credit in America.
8. Credit Records and Laws.
9. Costs of Credit.
10. Problems with Credit.
11. Personal Decision Making.
12. Renting a Residence.
13. Buying a Home.
14. Buying and Owning a Vehicle.
15. Family Decisions.
16. Investing for the Future.
17. Investing In Stocks.
Stock Market Simulation.
18. Bond Markets.
19. Mutual Funds, Real Estate, and Other Choices.
20. Retirement and Estate Planning.
21. Introduction to Risk Management.
22. Property and Liability Insurance.
23. Health and Life Insurance.
24. Role of Consumers in a Market Economy.
25. Consumer Protection.
26. Dispute Resolution.

New to this edition

  • Increased emphasis on technology and thriving in the digital age.
  • Net Links provide online activities that encourage students to use the Internet for research.
  • New Guided Decision Making journal activity at the end of each chapter allows students to practice making decisions in real-world situations.
  • New Stock Market Simulation lets students practice basic investing tasks such as reading a stock market table, making investment choices, and computing gains and losses.
  • An Essential Question has been added to each lesson opener. This question frames the main idea that students will explore in the lesson. An answer will appear on the lesson Assessment page.
  • A Checkpoint question has been added at the end of each section to help students assess their learning progress. Answers to the Checkpoints appear in the AIE margin.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

Website  (ISBN-10: 1305107896 | ISBN-13: 9781305107892)

When you adopt MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES, you and your students will have access to a rich array of teaching and learning resources that you won't find anywhere else. This outstanding site features chapter-by-chapter online tutorial quizzes, a final exam, an online Guided Decision Making writing journal, chapter outlines, chapter-by-chapter Net links, flashcards, PowerPoint slides, and more!

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM: Managing Your Personal Finances, 7th  (ISBN-10: 1305387406 | ISBN-13: 9781305387409)

Designed to help facilitate classroom instruction, this CD has instructor files unique to the textbook. The IRCD contains solutions to the Student Activity Guide, test solutions, Instructor's Resource Manual, lesson plans, PowerPoints, study outlines, Spanish glossary, curriculum correlations, and various other teaching tools. All of these tools can help motivate students and enhance their knowledge and course appreciation.

Cengage Testing, powered by Cognero® Instant Access  (ISBN-10: 1305387317 | ISBN-13: 9781305387317)

Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero is a flexible, online system that allows you to author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions; create multiple test versions in an instant; deliver tests from your learning management system, your classroom or wherever you want!

MindTap Managing Your Personal Finance, 7th Edition (K12 Instant Access)  (ISBN-10: 1305402324 | ISBN-13: 9781305402324)

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Student Supplements

MindTap Managing Your Personal Finance, 7th Edition (K12 Instant Access)  (ISBN-10: 1305402324 | ISBN-13: 9781305402324)

MindTap engages you to produce your best work−consistently. By seamlessly integrating course material with videos, activities, apps, and much more, MindTap creates a unique learning path that fosters increased comprehension and efficiency. You will be motivated with real-world assignments and information that shows where you stand at all times−both individually and compared to the highest performers in class. Be assured you will focus on what's most important to the instructor with a learning path designed specifically by the instructor and for your course. Master the most important information with built-in study tools that help students stay organized and efficient.