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About the Product

Photoshop CS4: Basic, ACE Edition, is the first in a series of ILT courses that provide instruction on how to use Photoshop CS3 to create professional-looking images for both print and the Web. In this course, students will identify the components of the Photoshop environment, learn about the differences between raster and vector graphics, and learn how to use Adobe Bridge. Students will explore various methods of selecting image areas and will learn how to modify and manipulate selections. In addition, students will learn how to work with text, layers, and layer effects; how to adjust, retouch, and resize images; and how to prepare images for printing and the Web.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Getting started
Topic A: File types
Topic B: The Photoshop environment
Topic C: Getting help

Unit Two: Working with image selections
Topic A: Selection techniques
Topic B: Modifying selections

Unit Three: Working with layers
Topic A: Creating layers
Topic B: Modifying layers
Topic C: Using Type layers
Topic D: Using layer effects

Unit Four: Adjusting images
Topic A: Image modes
Topic B: Hue/Saturation and Vibrance adjustments
Topic C: Levels adjustments

Unit Five: Retouching images
Topic A: Repairing image defects
Topic B: Painting
Topic C: Using the Background Eraser
Topic D: Using filters

Unit Six: Resizing images
Topic A: Image resolution
Topic B: Image canvas size

Unit Seven: Preparing finished images
Topic A: Images for Web use
Topic B: Images for print use
Topic C: Outputting images
C-1: Printing an image
Topic D: Importing images

Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map
Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives