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About the Product

In this ILT Series course, students will learn how to use Dreamweaver CS4 to create and modify Web sites. Students will learn how to plan and define a Web site create pages and format text define structural elements create and apply CSS style rules and modify tables, images, and links test and manage Web site files and publish a site.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Getting started
Topic A: Internet basics
Topic B: The Dreamweaver CS4 workspace
Topic C: Basic editing
Topic D: Code tools

Unit Two: Web sites and pages
Topic A: Creating a Web site
Topic B: Creating pages
Topic C: Using Find and Replace

Unit Three: Structure and style
Topic A: Structure
Topic B: Cascading Style Sheets

Unit Four: Tables
Topic A: Creating tables
Topic B: Table structure and formatting
Topic C: Column widths and cell properties

Unit Five: Links
Topic A: Creating links
Topic B: Image maps
Topic C: Link styles

Unit Six: Image formats and attributes
Topic A: Working with images
Topic B: Background images

Unit Seven: Publishing
Topic A: Site checks
Topic B: Web site publishing

Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map
Topic A: ACE exam objectives