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About the Product

Along with the Basic course, this Advanced ILT Series course is designed to help your students pass the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam for Flash CS4 Professional. Students will create and edit vector paths and mask layers. Students will also learn advanced animation techniques, such as inverse kinematics, shape and motion tweens, and animated masks. Students will then learn some basic programming principles while using ActionScript 3.0 to get more control over their Flash applications. Finally, students will incorporate audio and video into their Flash documents.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Vector illustration
Topic A: Creating vector paths
Topic B: Editing vector paths
Topic C: Using mask layers

Unit Two: Advanced animation techniques
Topic A: Inverse kinematics
Topic B: Shape tweens and animated masks
Topic C: Filter animation
Topic D: The Motion Editor

Unit Three: ActionScript animation
Topic A: Programming principles
Topic B: Event listeners and event handlers
Topic C: Modular code
Topic D: Special classes
Topic E: The Debugger

Unit Four: Interactive techniques
Topic A: Adding audio
Topic B: Scripting a link to a Web page
Topic C: Loading dynamic content

Unit Five: Video
Topic A: Flash video basics
Topic B: Video in Flash files

Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map
Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives