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Innovation and Knowledge Management, 1st Edition

  • ISBN-10: 1848606664
  • ISBN-13: 9781848606661
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

Innovation and Knowledge Management has gained considerable importance over the last 40 years, both as an area of academic research and as an area of professional practice. This growing interest has produced a wealth of highly disparate literature, international in orientation and rooted in both the research agenda and in more pragmatic issues of best practice. Each volume covers a key area of Innovation and Knowledge Management, reflecting both historical roots and cutting-edge scholarship. Volume One covers individual creativity and innovation, with Volume Two focusing on teamwork and group innovation. Volume Three adopts an organization-wide perspective, including papers on the innovation process, resistance to change and radical vs. incremental innovation. Volume Four treats knowledge management in the context of organizational knowledge, knowledge networks, knowledge transfer and organizational learning. Selected and organized by renowned scholars in the field working under the guidance of an international editorial advisory board, this four-volume collection is an invaluable resource to institutions with courses in management and organization studies, as well as professional institutions with personnel development programs.

Table of Contents

Introductory Chapter - Neil Anderson, Ana Cristina Costa and Frank van Brussel
Part 1: Personal Indicators of Individual Creativity and Innovation
Creativity Intelligence and Personality - F. Barron and D.W. Harrington
A Model of Creativity and Innovation in Organizations - T.M Amabile
Effects of Productivity Goals, Creativity Goals, and Personal Discretion on Individual Creativity - C.E. Shalley
A Theory of Individual Creative Action in Multiple Social Domains - C.M. Ford
Affect and Creativity at Work - T.M. Amabile, S.G. Barsade, J.S. Mueler and B.M. Staw
Part 2: Process Factors, Task and Organizational Antecedents of Individual Creativity and Innovation
Determinants of Innovative Behavior: A Path Model of Individual Innovation in the Workplace - S.G. Scott and R.A. Bruce
Employee Creativity: Personal and contextual factors at work - G.R. Oldham and A. Cummings
When Job Dissatisfaction Leads to Creativity: Encouraging the expression of voice - J. Zhou and J.M. George
The Effects of Personal and Contextual Characteristics on Creativity: Where should we go from here? - C.E. Shalley, J. Zhou and G.R. Oldham
Part 3: Creative thinking
Blind Variation and Selective Retention in Creative Thought as to Other Knowledge Processes - D.T. Campbell
Creative Syndrome: Integration, application, and innovation - M. Mumford and S. Gustafson
An Evolutionary Approach to Creativity and Innovation - B.M. Staw
A Theory of Individual Creative Action in Multiple Social Domains - C.M. Ford
Part 1: Team Composition Influences on Team Innovation
Innovation in Top Management Teams - M.A. West and N.R. Anderson
Top Management Team Diversity, Group Process, and Strategic Consensus - D. Knight, C.L. Pearce, K.G. Smith, J.D. Olian, H.P. Sims, K.A. Smith and P. Flood
Personal Initiative (PI): An active performance concept for work in the 21st century - M. Frese and D. Fay
Joint Impact of Interdependence and Group Diversity on Innovation - G.S. Van der Vegt and O. Janssen
Do Personal Characteristics and Cultural Values that Promote Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency Compete or Complement Each Other? - E. Miron, M. Erezand E. Naveh
Part 2: Idea Generation & Social Influences on Team Innovation
Idea Generation in Groups: A basis for creativity in organizations - P.B. Paulus and H. Yang
Understanding Team Innovation: The role of team processes and structure - A. Drach-Zahavy and E. Somech
Islands of Shared Knowledge: Specialization and mutual understanding in problem-solving teams - S. Postrel
The Determinants of Team-Based Innovation in Organizations - D.F. Caldwell and C.A. O'Reilly
A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way: An examination of teams' engagement in creative processes - L.L Gilson and C.E. Shalley
Part 3: Team climate, leadership and innovation in teams
Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Locus of Control, and Support for Innovation: Key predictors of consolidated-business-unit performance - J.M. Howell and B.J. Avolio
Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams - A. Edmondson
The Innovation Imperative: The relationship between team climate, innovation, and performance in research and development teams - P.G. Bain, L. Mann and A. Pirola-Merlo
A Reciprocal and Longitudinal Investigation of the Innovation Process: The central role of shared vision in product and process innovation teams (PPITs) - C.L. Pearce and M.D. Ensley
The Effects of Leadership Style and Team Process on Performance and Innovation in Functionally Heterogeneous Teams - A. Somech
Part 1: Antecedents of Organizational Innovation
Organizational Innovation: A m