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Object-Oriented Data Structures Using Java + Navigate 2 Advantage Access, 4th Edition

  • Nell Dale
  • Daniel T. Joyce
  • Chip Weems
  • ISBN-10: 1284089096
  • ISBN-13: 9781284089097
  • 0 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2018 Published
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About the Product

The updated and revised Object-Oriented Data Structures Using Java, Fourth Edition is an essential resource for students learning data structures using the Java programming language. It presents both the traditional and modern data structure topics with an emphasis on problem-solving and object-oriented software design. Beginning early and continuing throughout the text, it introduces and expands upon the use of many Java features such as classes, objects, generics, polymorphism, packages, interfaces, library classes, inheritance, exceptions, and threads.


  • Current and clarified exposition throughout

  • Numerous exercises throughout allow students to experience a variety of applications on the concepts within the chapter, which vary in level of difficulty

About the Author

Nell Dale

Nell Dale received a B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Houston, a M.A. in Mathematics, from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. Nell Dale has been on the faculty at the University of Texas, Austin since 1975. She teaches occasionally but concentrates on computer science education, writing, traveling, tennis, and bridge -- and her family of course.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Organized
Chapter 2 The Stack ADT
Chapter 3 Recursion
Chapter 4 The Queue ADT
Chapter 5 The Collection ADT
Chapter 6 The List ADT
Chapter 7 The Binary Search Tree ADT
Chapter 8 The Map ADT
Chapter 9 The Priority Queue ADT
Chapter 10 The Graph ADT
Chapter 11 Sorting and Searching Algorithms

New to this edition

  • Includes chapters on the Map ADT and the Collection ADT
  • Sections highlighting variations on the standard data structures, including a look at how the structures are supported by the Java Standard Library
  • New sections and examples introduce important topics such as image generation, recursive processing of arrays and linked lists, fractals, games, and text analysis