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Communication At Work 4th Edition, 4th Edition

  • Mary Finlay
  • Christine Frank
  • ISBN-10: 0176407030
  • ISBN-13: 9780176407032
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 1998, 1994
  • COPYRIGHT: 2007 Published
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About the Product

A textbook, workbook, and handbook in one! Communication at Work is a practical text loaded with examples and templates designed to help students apply the communication skills acquired in school, at work, and in their personal lives to speaking and writing situations they are likely to encounter in their careers after graduation. Examples drawn from likely workplace situations representing a wide range of employment areas encourages students to discover and analyze what they already know about effective communication and provides concrete steps for approaching new situations. Students will appreciate the practical focus and section on applying effective communication skills to finding employment.


"The length of the book is ideal, there is thorough coverage of most topics, it is easy to read, easy to follow, and the examples are geared to a Canadian post-secondary audience."
— Heather Larsen

About the Author

Mary Finlay

Mary Finlay has taught at Seneca College since 1978 and currently teaches Business Communication, College English, and Literature.

Christine Frank

Christine teaches at Georgian College and has recently completed her PhD in Computer Applications in Education.

Table of Contents

Employability Skills Profile
Part One: Introduction to Communication
Chapter One - The Communication Process
Chapter Two - Style in Business Communication
Part Two: Communication Styles
Chapter Three - Presenting Written Messages
Chapter Four - Routine Messages
Chapter Five - Good News: The Direct Approach
Chapter Six - Bad News: The Indirect Approach
Chapter Seven - Persuasive Messages
Chapter Eight - Oral communication with the Organization
Part Three: The Job Search
Chapter Nine - Résumés
Chapter Ten - Locating and applying for Jobs
Chapter Eleven - Interviews
Part Four: The Report
Chapter Twelve - Researching the Report
Chapter Thirteen - Planning the Informal Report
Chapter Fourteen - Presenting the Formal Report
Appendix Handbook of Grammar and Usage