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Canadian Construction and Maintenance Electrician: Certificate of Qualification Exam Preparation - 2008

  • Tony Fazzari
  • ISBN-10: 0919852629
  • ISBN-13: 9780919852624
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

A quality exam simulation book containing two complete practice exams with explanations of the C of Q and of each practice exam question and answer. The book includes chapters on exam-writing and study strategies, suggestions for extra reading, and a special chapter on using the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) book efficiently to answer questions during a timed exam.


  • Sample reference tasks demonstrate fast use of CEC book; stand-alone tests with answer explanations drill apprentices in use of the CEC book.

  • Questions developed to meet each of 3 levels of taxonomy (difficulty, competence) that C of Q writers use in questions to test trade competence, not only knowledge.

  • Questions arranged in Red Seal C of Q Exam Blocks—weighted to correspond exactly to the weighting of the actual exam

  • Special chapter explains how to use Red Seal Exam Blocks to maximize study time.

  • Questions written in C of Q style accustom apprentices to the exam terminology, format, and question/answer types.

  • Intro explains how the Construction and Maintenance C of Q works.

  • Some questions include illustrations, just as the C of Q does.

  • Easy-to-read page layout.

  • Wide space around questions and explanations for making study notes, questions for professors, listing websites/books, bullet points, or diagrams.

  • Lined Notes section at the back of book provides more space for study notes.

About the Author

Tony Fazzari

Tony Fazzari is a Master Electrician and has worked for many years in several areas of the trade including education; consulting; and industrial, commercial, and residential field work. He began as an apprentice in 1985, working in the residential market, wiring custom homes, doing rewires, additions, and service changes. He worked in the commercial market for the next 5 years in construction of new schools, hotels and condominiums, and became a supervisor of construction projects. In the industrial field, he has experience with maintenance of equipment and programming of production equipment. Tony has provided training on a contract basis for such companies as EATON, SIEMENS, ABB and others. He has also worked for some of these companies performing high-voltage installations, substation maintenance, and other related projects. In 1999, Tony accepted the position of Professor of Electro-technology at Mohawk College of Applied arts and Technology in Stony Creek Ontario. Since then, he has been involved in apprenticeship and post-secondary training, curriculum development, and has been a consultant on the Canadian Electrical Code book. For the past few years, Tony has taught a C of Q preparation course for Construction and Maintenance Electricians.