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  • David Rivkin
  • Laurel Silk
  • ISBN-10: 1449624472
  • ISBN-13: 9781449624477
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

Part of The Art and Science of Wind Power series Experts agree that the wind energy industry is at the leading edge of a global movement away from fossil fuel dependence. Wind energy has evolved dramatically over the last few decades, and the demand for skilled workers is booming. Wind Energy is a cornerstone text for novice learners entering the field. The text provides an overview of the history, basic concepts, costs, and uses of wind energy. Wind Energy focuses on technical and contextual issues related to wind-energy conversion and applications of various wind-turbine systems. About the Series According to estimates from the American Wind Energy Association, approximately 85,000 Americans are employed in the rapidly expanding wind energy industry. The Art and Science of Wind Power series was developed to address a critical gap in educational resources directed toward the development of skilled workers in this industry. Each title uses a systems-based perspective to provide students with the resources to develop creative solutions to challenges as well as systems-based critical thinking skills. No other series as comprehensively addresses key issues for novice and expert learners alike.


  • Provides a broad overview of core concepts within the field

  • Discusses the best uses for and costs associated with wind energy

  • Provides a comprehensive comparison of wind energy with other energy sources

  • Contains a survey of wind-energy conversion and different types of wind-turbine systems

  • The well-organized chapters clearly establish key concepts and technical information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts
Chapter 3Three: Physical Principles of Wind Energy Conversion [Wind Energy Converters]
Chapter 4: Rotor Aerodynamics
Chapter 5: Wind Resource
Chapter 6: Power Output and Energy Yield
Chapter 7: Commercial Applications
Chapter 8: Offshore Wind Energy
Chapter 9: Costs and Economic Analysis [Wind Turbine Costs and Economic Analysis]
Chapter 10: Impact on the Environment