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Wind Turbine Operations, Maintenance, Diagnosis, and Repair

  • David Rivkin
  • Laurel Silk
  • ISBN-10: 1449624553
  • ISBN-13: 9781449624552
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2013 Published
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About the Product

Part of the Art and Science of Wind Power series Wind Turbine Operations, Maintenance, Diagnostics, and Repair is a cutting-edge text positioned at the forefront of the booming alternative energy industry. It provides students with the knowledge required to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair wind-turbine electro-mechanical systems. A systems-based perspective offers students the resources to develop creative solutions to challenges as well as relationship-based critical thinking skills. In addition to extensive technical information, the text’s innovative content includes industry standards and requirements and provides an overview of issues related to working in the field. Each chapter focuses on crucial concepts and skills, and includes real-life scenarios that address extant and developing issues in the wind energy industry. About the Series According to estimates from the American Wind Energy Association, approximately 85,000 Americans are employed in the rapidly expanding wind energy industry. The Art and Science of Wind Power series was developed to address a critical gap in educational resources directed toward the development of skilled workers in this industry. Each title uses a systems-based perspective to provide students with the resources to develop creative solutions to challenges as well as systems-based critical thinking skills. No other series as comprehensively addresses key issues for novice and expert learners alike.


  • Provides a comprehensive presentation of the tactics needed to trouble-shoot and maintain wind-turbine systems

  • Includes extensive discussions of industry standards and requirements

  • Offers reviews of issues and experiences related to working in the wind energy industry

  • Contains exhaustive technical information presented in a user-friendly format

  • Provides an overview of safety issues and preventive maintenance

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Determining Wind Turbine Value
Chapter 2: Conversions
Chapter 3: Safety on the Job
Chapter 4: Wind Turbine Electric and Mechanical Devices
Chapter 5: Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Materials
Chapter 6: Gear Failure and Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 7: Blade Inspection and Repair Techniques
Chapter 8: Wind Tower Control Systems
Chapter 9: Maintenance Tasks and Documentation
Chapter 10: Wind Turbine Operating Costs