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Electrical Studies for Trades, 5th Edition

  • Stephen L. Herman
  • ISBN-10: 113327823X
  • ISBN-13: 9781133278238
  • 608 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2010, 2006, 2002
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Packed with real-world examples, vivid illustrations, and the latest developments from the field, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, 5th EDITION is ideal for current and future service technicians in air conditioning and refrigeration, construction, and facilities management--and anyone else who needs a practical knowledge of electricity. This reader-friendly book begins with an overview of basic electricity concepts rather than introducing complex mathematical calculations. From this starting point, readers proceed directly to "must-know" information, including how to determine wire sizes and make a variety of common switch connections. Different types of electrical power panels are also examined in detail. Discussion of general wiring practices and circuit protectors, as well as an introduction to transformers and three-phase and single-phase motors, round out the comprehensive coverage.


  • Up-to-date photographs and illustrations throughout the text give students valuable insight into chapter concepts.

  • The Fifth Edition includes the latest information available on grounding and procedures for testing the quality of the grounding system.

  • The text explains in detail the procedure for determining conductor size, fuse or circuit breaker size, overload size, and starter size for electric motors.

  • The thorough section on General Wiring Practices includes information on low voltage chime circuits.

  • Helping instructors maximize their teaching time, engaging PowerPoint presentations of the units as well as comprehensive test banks are now available on an instructor companion website.

  • Providing the latest information on both motion and process control, the text offers thorough coverage of industrial control.

  • A wealth of examples mirroring the types of situations technicians face in the field are included throughout to reinforce the practical, applied approach to electricity fundamentals.

  • Measurement instruments commonly used in the field are identified and explained to help readers effectively use them and interpret results.

  • Unique stand-alone units allow readers to gain an overall understanding of electricity basics, while focusing their attention on topics that relate to particular trades.

About the Author

Stephen L. Herman

As a retired electrician and proficient instructor with more than 30 years of practical experience, Stephen L. Herman is known for his reader-friendly approach. A seasoned author, Mr. Herman has written leading books on electricity and mathematics that are popular with students and instructors alike. For two decades Mr. Herman served as lead instructor for the Electrical Technology Curriculum at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, where he received an Excellence in Education Award from the Halliburton Education Foundation. He also taught at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, for nine years and helped pioneer an electrical curriculum for Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. His additional publications include ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, ELECTRICITY AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC/R, INDUSTRIAL MOTOR CONTROLS, UNDERSTANDING MOTOR CONTROLS, ELECTRONICS FOR ELECTRICIANS, ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, DIRECT CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES, EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTRICITY FOR USE WITH LAB VOLT EQUIPMENT, THE COMPLETE LABORATORY MANUAL FOR ELECTRICITY, and PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICIANS.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Atomic Structure.
Unit 2. Electrical Quantities, Ohm's Law, and Resistors.
Unit 3. Electrical Sources and Static Charges.
Unit 4. Magnetism.
Unit 5. Series Circuits.
Unit 6. Parallel Circuits.
Unit 7. Combination Circuits.
Unit 8. Measuring Instruments.
Unit 9. Alternating Current.
Unit 10. Alternating Current Loads.
Unit 11. Capacitive Loads.
Unit 12. Three-Phase Circuits.
Unit 13. Transformers.
Unit 14. Three-Phase Transformers.
Unit 15. Electrical Services.
Unit 16. General Wiring Practices Part 1: Receptacle and Switch Connections.
Unit 17. General Wiring Practices Part 2: Protection Circuits, Dimmers, and Chimes.
Unit 18. Three-Phase Motors.
Unit 19. Single-Phase Motors.
Unit 20. Schematics and Wiring Diagrams.
Unit 21. Motor Installation.

New to this edition

  • An all-new unit on three-phase transformers offers the most current and comprehensive coverage available.
  • The Fifth Edition includes additional information on phase rotation.
  • Providing more visual appeal than ever, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, 5e features updated graphics throughout.
  • Chapters covering the installation of switches are completely up to date to the 2011 NEC.