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Mosby's EMT-Basic Textbook,, 2nd Edition

  • Walt A Stoy
  • Thomas E Platt
  • Debra A Lejeune
  • ISBN-10: 0323085296
  • ISBN-13: 9780323085298
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

Mosby's EMT-Basic Textbook, 2011 Update, Second Edition, gets right to the point, giving you the basic information you need for real-world success. This straightforward text follows the U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum (NSC) for the EMT-Basic more closely than any other textbook- making it easier to understand what you must know to pass state or National Registry EMT-Basic exams.


  • New and updated illustrations

  • Content that reflects the 2005 emergency cardiac care guidelines, new information on HIPAA, current CDC and OSHA specifications, and updated equipment

  • A companion DVD

  • Clear, easy-to-read writing style makes it easy to understand and remember key concepts

Table of Contents

Division One: Preparatory
Chapter 1: Introductory to Emergency Medical Care
Chapter 2: The Well-Being of the EMT-Basic
Chapter 3: Medicolegal and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4: The Human Body
Chapter 5: Baseline Vital Signs and SAMPLE History
Chapter 6: Lifting and Moving Patients
Chapter 7: Assisting the ALS Provider

Division Two: Airway
Chapter 8: The Airway

Division Three: Patient Assessment
Chapter 9: Scene Size-Up
Chapter 10: Initial Assessment
Chapter 11: Focused History and Physical Examination for Trauma Patients
Chapter 12: Focused History and Physical Examination for Medical Patients
Chapter 13: Detailed Physical Examination
Chapter 14: Ongoing Assessment
Chapter 15: Communications
Chapter 16: Documentation

Division Four: Medical/Behavioral Emergencies and Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapter 17: General Pharmacology
Chapter 18: Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 19: Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 20: Diabetes and Altered Mental Status
Chapter 21: Allergic Reactions
Chapter 22: Poisoning and Overdose
Chapter 23: Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 24: Behavioral Emergencies
Chapter 25: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapter 26: Geriatrics

Division Five: Trauma
Chapter 27: Bleeding and Shock
Chapter 28: Soft Tissue Injuries
Chapter 29: Musculoskeletal Care
Chapter 30: Injuries to the Head and Spine

Division Six: Infants and Children
Chapter 31: Infant and Child Emergency Care

Division Seven: Operations
Chapter 32: Ambulance Operations
Chapter 33: Gaining Access
Chapter 34: Overviews: Special Response Situations
Chapter 35: Tactical Emergency Medical Support
Chapter 36: First Responder Procedures with Weapons of Mass Destruction

Division Eight: Advanced Airway
Chapter 37: Advanced Airway Techniques

Atlas of Trauma Injuries
Appendix A CPR
References and Suggested Readings
Photo Credits and Acknowledgements