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Process Technology Troubleshooting, 1st Edition

  • Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D.
  • ISBN-10: 1428311009
  • ISBN-13: 9781428311008
  • 352 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

For the first time, process technicians have a resource designed specifically for them that will provide a comprehensive, thorough overview of modern troubleshooting methods and models. Process Technology Troubleshooting utilizes a simple to complex approach that encourages readers to master basic concepts before progressing to more advanced ones for increased comprehension. The book covers troubleshooting models that apply concepts from advanced instrumentation, the control loop, and process equipment and systems, and includes coverage of such processes as a simple pump-around and feed system, compressor system, heat transfer system, cooling tower system, boiler system, furnace system, distillation system , stirred reactor system, and separations system. Each of these systems have operational information, set points, and start-up procedures. These sections include "what-if" scenarios and detailed illustrations. Process Technology Troubleshooting is an invaluable resource and reference for any novice, training manager or experienced process technician.


  • Detailed line art schematics and process illustrations support the information and simplify key concepts

  • Application of statistical process control and quality tools

  • Real-life examples provide opportunities for readers to apply what they have learned

  • Illustrates basic process principles; physics, science, and math

  • Simulated reaction-response scenarios prepares readers to solve a variety of analytical and qualitative variables

  • Illustrates common operational problems and solutions

  • Builds on information presented in earlier equipment texts

  • Provides the natural learning bridge from equipment, systems, operations and troubleshooting

  • Applies the principles on modern process control from the viewpoint of a process technician

  • Incorporates console response and operation to modern troubleshooting techniques

  • Provides flexibility to instructors to teach a variety of topics

About the Author

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D.

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D., is a professor and division chair at Lee College, where he teaches Process Technology, Safety Management, and Manufacturing Engineering. Widely regarded as the foremost textbook author on process technology, Dr. Thomas is credited with creating the discipline in the 1990s. His prior professional experience includes tenure with Exxon Research and Engineering and Exxon Chemicals in a variety of operational, research and development, and training system roles. He earned his B.A. from Western Illinois University, his M.S. from the University of Texas, and his Ph.D. from Texas A & M University.


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