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ECG Cases for EMS

  • Benjamin Lawner
  • Christopher Touzeau
  • Amal Mattu
  • ISBN-10: 144960918X
  • ISBN-13: 9781449609184
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Drawing on the collective expertise of prehospital providers and clinicians, ECG Cases for EMS provides paramedics, critical care providers, and nurses with practical case studies in emergency cardiology. Twelve-lead ECGs and prehospital activation of the cardiac catheterization lab are becoming more and more common, with the burden of cardiac injury recognition rapidly shifting to the prehospital provider. This textbook functions as an active learning tool structured around actual patient scenarios with corresponding ECG strips and offers interpretations of ECG findings and clinical tips. Cases focus on STEMI, STEMI mimics, and commonly misinterpreted dysrhythmias. ECG Cases for EMS provides evidence-based teaching points and real-world applications of ECG knowledge.


  • Actual ECGs presented in “You Are There” scenarios.

  • ECG interpretation and teaching points from nationally recognized educators, Drs. Amal Mattu and William Brady.

  • A case-based textbook structure that facilitates active learning.

  • Cutting-edge ECGs that push the boundaries of paramedic knowledge and scope of practice

  • Clinical "pearls of wisdom" for the practicing advanced provider

  • ECGs that mimic ischemia (e.g., pericarditis, hyperkalemia, bundle branch blocks, and more)

About the Author

Benjamin Lawner

Benjamin Lawner, DO, EMT-P, FAAEM, is an assistant professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He is also the deputy medical director of the Baltimore City Fire Department, and the medical director of the EMT Program at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Christopher Touzeau

Instructor, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, University of Maryland, Master Firefighter Paramedic, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

Amal Mattu

Vice Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland

Table of Contents

Case 1: Chest Pain
Case 2: Weakness
Case 3: Unresponsiveness
Case 4: Chest Pressure
Case 5: Syncope
Case 6: Dizziness
Case 7: Syncope
Case 8: Chest Pain
Case 9: Chest Pain
Case 10: Shortness of Breath
Case 11: Chest Pain
Case 12: Chest Pain
Case 13: Fever, Change in Mental Status
Case 14: Acute Pericarditis
Case 15: Shortness of Breath
Case 17: Weakness, Dyspnea
Case 18: Chest Pain
Case 19: Burning in Chest
Case 20: Weakness
Case 21: Weakness, Dyspnea
Case 22: Chest Pain, Weakness
Case 23: Chest Pain
Case 24: Syncope
Case 25: Unresponsiveness
Case 26: Weakness, Dyspnea
Case 27: Chest Pain
Case 28: Weakness, Dyspnea
Case 29: Shortness of Breath
Case 30: Syncope
Case 31: Syncope
Case 32: Shortness of Breath
Case 33: Syncope
Case 34: Vomiting
Case 35: Unconsciousness
Case 36: STEMI
Case 37: Respiratory Distress
Case 38: Postoperative Pain
Case 39: Weakness
Case 40: Unresponsiveness
Case 41: Chest Pain
Case 42: Syncope
Case 43: Syncope
Case 44: Unresponsiveness
Case 45: Weakness
Case 46: Unresponsiveness
Case 47: Burning in Stomach
Case 48: Chest Pain
Case 49: Unconsciousness
Case 50: Weakness
Case 51: Chest Pain
Case 52: Syncope
Case 53: Chest Pain, Cough, Fever
Case 54: Syncope
Case 55: Chest Pain
Case 56: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Case 57: Shortness of Breath
Case 58: Chest Pain
Case 59: Chest Pain
Case 60: Interfacility Transport
Case 61: Chest Pain
Case 62: Weakness
Case 63: Chest Pain
Case 64: Respiratory Distress
Case 65: Respiratory Distress
Case 66: Weakness
Case 67: Chest Pain
Case 68: Weakness
Case 69: Syncope
Case 70: Respiratory Distress
Case 71: Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Diarrhea
Case 72: Unresponsiveness
Case 73: Shortness of Breath
Case 74: Palpitations
Case 75: Syncope
Case 76: Chest Pain
Case 77: Unresponsiveness
Case 78: Chest Pain
Case 79: Syncope
Case 80: Chest Pain
Case 81: Chest Pain, Nausea, Diaphoresis
Case 82: Chest Pain
Case 83: Burning in Stomach
Case 84: Chest Pain
Case 85: Syncope
Case 86: Shortness of Breath
Case 87: Respiratory Distress
Case 88: Dizziness
Case 89: Dizziness
Case 90: Chest Pain

Appendix I: Answer Key