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Climatology, 4th Edition

  • Robert Rohli
  • Anthony J. Vega
  • ISBN-10: 128411998X
  • ISBN-13: 9781284119985
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2018 Published
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About the Product

Welcome to the exciting journey of learning about one of the most widely discussed sciences. Praised for its detail and accuracy, Climatology continues to lead as the most comprehensive presentation of our dynamic climate system. The Fourth Edition features a completely revised, full-color art program that enhances clarity and gradation of all maps, climographs, and images to help readers better understand the diversity of climate within varying climate types. The text appeals to all students, as it covers the basics of atmospheric science in the early chapters and provides the breadth and depth of topics to challenge the more experienced reader. Climatology, Fourth Edition aims to improve students’ communication skills, encourage critical-thinking, and invoke a sense of social responsibility, making it the clear choice in this rapidly developing science.


  • Without the use of calculus, quantitative treatment is included where necessary to provide students with detailed explanation of the processes discussed and needed at this upper level

  • Features expanded coverage of Limitations of Model Results, teleconnection patterns and interaction between these patterns, past climate- dendrochronology and palynology, drought, and more

  • Presents evidence-based, contemporary information and data

  • Topics are carefully explained and supported with proper examples and analogies to assist readers in analyzing and retaining key concepts

  • Every new print copy is packaged with access to the Navigate Companion Website containing study questions and hands-on activities

Table of Contents

Part One: The Basics
Chapter 1: Introduction to Climatology
Chapter 2: Atmospheric Structure and Composition

Part Two: Climatological Processes
Chapter 3: Controls on the Climate System
Chapter 4: Atmospheric Interactions with Other "Spheres"
Chapter 5: Energy, Matter, and Momentum Exchanges Near the Surface
Chapter 6: Global Hydrologic Cycle and Surface Water Balance
Chapter 7: General Circulation and Secondary Circulations

Part Three: Climates Across Space
Chapter 8: Climatic Classification
Chapter 9: Extratropical Northern Hemisphere Climates
Chapter 10: Tropical and Southern Hemisphere Climates

Part Four: Climates Through Time
Chapter 11: Climate Change and Variability: A Paleoclimatic Overview
Chapter 12: Modern Climatic Change
Chapter 13: Linking Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Climate Through Quantitative Methods

Part Five: Relationships Between Climate and Other Endeavors
Chapter 14: Applied Climatology, Climate Impacts, and Climatic Data
Chapter 15: Future of Climatology

New to this edition

  • NEW full-color interior design greatly improves clarity of all maps, climographs, and images to better illustrate important data