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Criminal Justice in Canada, 6th Edition

  • Colin Goff
  • ISBN-10: 017651273X
  • ISBN-13: 9780176512736
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2011, 2008, 2004
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

The sixth edition of Criminal Justice in Canada provides students with a comprehensive view of how our criminal justice system attempts to bring “justice” into its policies, operations, and court decisions. This approach involves a discussion of the major agencies of our justice system and the manner in which they operate to identify, apprehend, process, and control offenders while at the same time protecting the rights of individuals. In this sixth edition, recent initiatives to control crime and criminals are discussed and updated, including anti-terrorism legislation, gun control measures, mandatory minimum sentences, and mental health courts. In addition, various new initiatives that attempt to better deal with crime and criminals are reviewed, such as community courts, human trafficking, and gender responsive programming.


  • Critical Issues in Criminal Justice boxes feature contemporary issues facing Canadian criminal justice.

  • Each chapter concludes with a brief summary and questions for discussion that help the students think critically about the material that they have just been presented.

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About the Author

Colin Goff

Colin Goff received his M.A. in sociology from the University of Calgary and his Ph.D. from the University of California (Irvine). He has taught at Simon Fraser University, the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton), and the University of Winnipeg. At the University of Winnipeg, he was Chair of Sociology and won the Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence. His areas of research include all aspects of the criminal justice system as well as corporate and white-collar crime, the history of criminology, and Indigenous justice. In addition to Criminal Justice in Canada, he has published Corporate Crime in Canada (with C. Reasons) and Corrections in Canada. He has also published numerous articles on the work of Edwin H. Sutherland (many with Gilbert Geis), on the development of criminology as a discipline in the early twentieth century, and on corporate crime in Canada. He is currently studying life course criminology and the sentencing of white-collar criminals in Canada, as well as the development of the discipline of criminology in the United States during the early twentieth century. With the assistance of Gilbert Geis, he has published manuscripts on Edwin H. Sutherland, Thorsten Sellin, and the Michael-Adler Report.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Overview of the Criminal Justice System in Canada
Chapter 2: Criminal Law and Criminal Justice in Canada
Chapter 3: Control Philosophy and Criminal Justice Policy
Chapter 4: Crime Rates, Crime Trends, and Perceptions of Crime in Canada
Chapter 5: Police Operations
Chapter 6: Issues in Canadian Policing
Chapter 7: Pretrial Criminal Procedures
Chapter 8: The Courts and Criminal Trial Procedure
Chapter 9: Sentencing and Punishment
Chapter 10: Alternatives to Prison: Probation, Conditional Sentences, and Intermediate Sanctions
Chapter 11: Corrections in Canada: History, Facilities, and Populations
Chapter 12: Community Reintegration

New to this edition

  • The sixth edition of Criminal Justice in Canada features an updated 4-colour engaging design.
  • The text has been thoroughly updated with changes to legislation (i.e., the Safe Streets and Communities Act), changes to available services, and changes to policies used to direct criminal justice agencies, as well as the types of behaviours that are being criminalized.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

Instructor Supplements

NETA Enriched Instructor's Resource CD for Criminal Justice in Canada, 6e  (ISBN-10: 0176653600 | ISBN-13: 9780176653606)

The Instructor's Resource CD for Criminal Justice in Canada includes an Instructor's Manual, NETA Test Bank, and NETA Presentation PowerPoints.